PS3 slowly getting back in stock?

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Yeah seen some in my area about a week or 2 ago for the first time in a long time.

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PS3s back in stock on amazon(.com),bestbuy(.com, but not the 250gb) and gamestop(.com)!
now the sales should rise slowly in the americas
the only place where the ps3 still has serious shortages (besides the us) is the UK if sony ships enough ps3s in the next few weeks, then ps3 should outsell the 360 50-60k every week ww

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Will be interesting to see the sales in the comming weeks.

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that will show us if shortage in usa was the factor of the low numbers since february... if not, bad time for ps3 in usa...if yes, and if europeans numbers still hight, maybe more 50/60K per week.