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Since the 1990s Sega was one of the most Powerful video games companies on the scene, and we all remember the Sega megadrive system and it`s games that we enjoyed like sonic the hedgehog series ,Alex Kidd,streets of rage, and many other titles that are only history these days due to stop or because of  poor new releases,what sega forgot to do?and why?

sega fans started to see poor creative developing when Sega turned into a 3rd party firm after the Dreamcast`s stop,or maybe it began when the video games moved from 2D to 3D what made it difficult for sega to develop some classic titles such as streets of rage,Golden Axe,and others,but also continued  to develop successful names such as Virtual tennis , Virtua fighter, super monkey ball ,and other names that still gains players respect.

 Sega fans can understand stopping the Dreamcast , stop developing some popular names because of the 3D firm , but they cant understand why sonic would lose his soul these days , maybe sonic titles are being developed , and it sells great, but its obvious that these games doesn't have the same sonic theme we used to in the in the sonic adventure series why would sonic be a knight or a werehog it`s not like sonic to be anything but himself .

also in the 2D sonic games on the portables why sonic just have to run till the finish ,where are the other gameplay elements of the sonic games,Sonic Advance was good but not enough for a sonic game, the rush series was completely far from real sonic 2D epically i didn't like its sound track ,so whatever sega lose it can`t lose its soul,Sonic the hedgehog 4 ep 1 is the coming this summer , I hope it brings back the spirit of sonic mega drive games .

what we hope is to see more from sega more than just classics remakes or non-serious developing games .



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Um, Sega is currently experiencing one of the biggest rebirths ever seen in this industry

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Umm... I'm sorry to break it to you, but Bayonetta was like SEGA's way of saying "We're back, bitches. Break out the champagne and the mothafuckin' condoms".

i pray for a good 3d sonic game with just sonic, 2d is a step back imo

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They have two titles this gen that hit 40/40 in FAMITSU. Bayonetta(360) and 428(wii).. thats hardly a failure.

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5 THINGS I'd like to see before i knock out:

a. a AAA 3D sonic title

b. a nintendo developed game that has a "M rating"

c. redesgined PS controller

d. SEGA back in the console business

e. M$ out of the OS business

arsenicazure said:
They have two titles this gen that hit 40/40 in FAMITSU. Bayonetta(360) and 428(wii).. thats hardly a failure.


Nor is the fact that 3 of their 5 best sellers are from this gen, as are 5 of their 10 best sellers

Hell to the no!! 

They may of faltered in the past few years, but they still show flickers of brilliance:

House of the dead overkill

Ghost Squad


Monkeyball (game-cube)


Aliens Vs Predator

Total War



Valkyra Chronicles and the 'Mario and Sonic' games have sold bucket-loads

There's also a little game galled Bayonetta.


There's life in the old dog yet!  Bring on the new Sonic game!!!

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Why put so much effort into the pictures and overall presentation of this post and then subject us to that lazy brand of writing? Random capitalized words, capitalizations missing where they should be, run on sentences, misspellings galore, poor spacing between words, etc., etc. It's really not that difficult to give a little effort when writing when you're expecting someone other than yourself to read it.

Regarding Sega, they're doing just fine. This is just another "me, me, me" topic complaining as to why Sega won't make the types of games a particular person likes. Sega makes games more people like now than in the history of the company. Also I'm curious to know how a game company acquires a soul and can in turn lose it. Sounds like a bunch of voodoo nonsense to me. 

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For me, with Yakuza and Bayonetta, Sega will never be game over.