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What is the Best PS3 Exclusive

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 112 24.30%
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 166 36.01%
Demon's Souls 33 7.16%
God of War III 92 19.96%
Killzone 2 21 4.56%
Other (Please Mention) 37 8.03%
CommonMan said:
I actually picked other because I preferred the first Uncharted to the second, and I think it's the best game (series) on the PS3.

I agree with you, but I took another turn. I chose Uncharted 2 because I think the saga is the best PS3 exclusive out there, though Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, Valkyria Chronicles and God of War III are also pretty good reasons to get Sony's console. Actually, all of them but Demon's Soul (with which I happily fell in love later) are the reasons I got my slim and I cannot recommend anybody hardly enough to do the same.

Killzone 2 is not a bad game at all but I think is not as remarkable as the others. Haven't tried MGS 4 out yet. I might do it someday.

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demons soul bcuz I will say theres no other game like this that you can find on other system
and heavy rain too but I didnt play the game and dont kno if its for me

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^^Agreed! Demon's Souls is extreamly unique, even accross all genras, let alone RPGs.

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LittleBigPlanet has the second highest metacritic of any ps3 exclusive, only behind Uncharted 2, and its not on your list!?

Anywho, I chose Demon's Souls. It's a very close second behind LBP as my favorite ps3 game.

Even thought I played the demo and I havent played the game for 1 second too busy playing the collection God of war 3 takes it for me

EDIT:I would choose for a all of the above option but since I havent played any of the games listed Ill just buy em in the summer 1 by 1 lol Mgs4 first cuss I just loved the 3rd beat it twice and still fun