Do you think God Of War 3 will outsell Mass Effect 2?

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God of war 3 wont even break a sweat.

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Lodder said:
Mass Effect is gaming porn.

yep your right. cheap production values, gameplay that has had cheap plastic surgery and leaves you feeling unsatified...

god of war is gaming sex.


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No. ME2 is selling on the PC too.

Lurker said:
No. ME2 is selling on the PC too.

but mass effect 2 has only sold 300,000 on pc.

and pc sales always decline more rapedly then console sales.

im thinking that mass effect 2 will sell 400,000 on pc and 2,350,000 so 2,750,000 in total.

which is 200,000 more then mass effect 1's sales (including pc sales). so its great sales overall.

but god of war 3 will most likely sell around 4 to 4.5 million total. so it will sell 1,250,000 more then mass effect 2.

maybe mass effect 3 will sell better than god of war 3 though???


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Where do you take that 300k sales number?

I remember Bioware telling us that they shipped more than 2 milions copies in first week.

That's more than a milion of copies beetween PC numbers and remaining shipped copies of X360 version.

Also PC sales have longer legs than console games due to digital sales.


FaRmLaNd said:

The 360 may sell a lot of shooters but it also sells far more WRPGs then the ps3. See Oblivion, Dragon age, fallout etc.

The fps genre may be massive on it but its not the only genre that sells really well on the 360.

I think god of war 3 will sell better. Its been a bigger franchise from the start. The first gow sold 4 million copies according to this site whereas mass effect 1 only sold just over 2 million (not including the pc version. Taking the pc into account it shouldn't be too much smaller but I still think God of War overall is bigger even taking the pc into account.

Just a side note, someone said gow has great music, try listening to mass effect. It has some of the best electronic music this side of an aphex twin record.

Yeah, I agree the music in Mass effect 2 is very good.

The weakness of this site is that it does not track PC sales. So even when it is known that PC sales are greater than 360/ps3 sales ( Dragon Age), this site does not show them. So while retail numbers that I have seen suggest Mass Effect 2 is doing more console sales than PC sales, the numbers are still fairly close.