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Squares Golden era...

Square Soft 174 92.06%
Square Enix 15 7.94%
griffinA said:
Ever single successful franchise that Square-Enix publishes now (except for Dragon Quest) was invented by Squaresoft. So I'm going with them.

Star Ocean came from the Enix side too.

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jarrod said:
griffinA said:
Ever single successful franchise that Square-Enix publishes now (except for Dragon Quest) was invented by Squaresoft. So I'm going with them.

Star Ocean came from the Enix side too.

I stand corrected.

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ooozxooo said:
dont forget VAGRANT STORY


                          GETTIN' CHRONOCRUNK

Izanagi said:
There were only 2 game companies that had a vote of confidence from me. And what I mean are games that I would buy a game without any reviews, previews or even word of mouth just because it had the Squaresoft logo. And for years, 1997-2001 I was never let down. Those 2 game companies were Square Soft and Nintendo.

This is exactly it. Anything with Squaresoft on it was an impulse buy back then. Then once 2001 hit, and The Bouncer arrived......

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Squaresoft at its very best was quite easily the greatest video game developer there's ever been. Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve etc..

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lestatdark said:
tehsage said:
Square was the best they could be on the SNES. They dropped a little for the PS1. And after that, I couldn't really give a shit.

Actually on SNES, Enix was way better and more diversified than Square. On PS1 though, Square dominated the JRPG genre. 

SNES by Square I liked:

- Chrono Trigger

- Final Fantasy III

- Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

- Secret of Mana

- Super Mario RPG

- Breath of Fire


PS1 games by Square I liked:

- Final Fantasy VII

- Final Fantasy IX




I think Square was at their best 1993-1998.  Secret of Mana, FFVI/VII, SD3, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, FF Tactics, Einhander, Tobal 1-2, Evermore, Xenogears... tons of good stuff, and they really handled the 32bit transition seamlessly.

Enix was at their best 1990-1995.  Actraiser 1-2, SoulBlazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, DQIV-VI, Robotrek, Ogre Battle... they really shined on SNES, but got a little lost afterward.


I'd say SE now is pretty disappointing by comparison, and really their only series that's held up imo is Dragon Quest.

Can't understad your poll.

I vote for one of them if they are worst or better, or if they has more games, or if they have more employes... i don't know.

The poll alway shoud be with a question.


snes years>>> ps1 years >> ps2 years>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HD years...


I would actually add 3 different options to the poll; Old Squaresoft (SNES Days), New Squaresoft, or Square Enix. The reason why I say this is cuz Squaresoft after FFVII is the Squaresoft that brought it to the ground and had to merge to avoid total bankrupcy after their stupid move with Final Fantasy the movie. I would also like to point out that it is the new Squaresoft that is bringing down Square-Enix by glamoring graphics and spending tons of money over just to make good graphics. I have yet to see an Enix franchise go the way FF has gone.