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The only thing people should be asking is the LAG that's incurred by using this device, even the most expensive recivers have some amount of lag, but for DVD's and other stuff similar it's no an issue since your jsut watching but for games it a make or brake thing, and judging by the fact that it's cheap I doubt it's good enough to make lag a non issue

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"Since the Wii launched in 2006, gamers have been clamoring for high definition video support by way of an HD-enabled successor to the console."

That's a lie. The gaming press has been clamoring just to try to make HD look like the future.

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If you have a 1080 panel display the 480p Wii output gets upscaled in the display automatically, you don't have a choice.

Doesn't help any who run their HDMI through a switch that requires a seperate optical connection for the audio...

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Meh I would just stick with the emu that was created awhile ago and has been working for many games. Sure you need a fast PC but they are getting cheaper by the day. However I agree that its gameplay that's important and not graphics which is why I have no qualms with 480p. Hell I still play many SNES, N64, PS1, PS2 and old school PC games but I'm alittle different than the average gamer these days  :)

Here's Wii Sports Resort in 1080p, remember to pick the 1080p video output for Youtube :

Red Steel 2 in 1080p but more optimizing in the emu is needed so its not running at full speed yet. In time though it will look that good and run fine (again pick 1080p video for youtube video) :

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#1 this is not really new

#2 IGN Wii articles are to be avoided..... proof ""Since the Wii launched in 2006, gamers have been clamoring for high definition video support"" the first sentence is already retarded...


Cheebee said:
Sky Render said:
I still don't see the point of this device when I can get pretty much the same effect with a simple component video cable, component-to-VGA adapter, and setting my Wii to 480p. I spent all of $15 or $20 on that, and get very nice video from it. Why would I ever want to pay 4 to 5 times that just to get something only marginally better at best?

So, what exactly does that do? Is it upscaling, too? Does that really improve the picture quality by any significant amount? As in noticeably better than 480p component-only? 'Cos if so, I might consider buying one of those component-to-VGA adapters myself.

The best picture I can get out of my Wii is when it's hooked up to my HD CRT (no scaling).  I originally had it hooked up through component and then changed to VGA with a converter (cheap) simply because I wanted to connect other things through the component. Much to my surprise it looked even better than the component, it's just a little sharper, a little cleaner and has more natural colours.

It doesn't really make sense to me because the source is still component, so whether it's due to my specific TV handling VGA-in better than component-in or whether you will always get superior PQ through VGA I'm not sure.

No thanks

did you just said HD graphics? HD does not make the graphics its just a resolutions thats all