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PlayStation Share, Are You Sharing?

Yes! 9 25.00%
No! 7 19.44%
What is this Share thing? 14 38.89%
I've voted. 6 16.67%
I've left comments. 0 0.00%
I've commented/voted, but not posted ideas. 0 0.00%

I have put up a few ideas, but they haven't been posted yet.

One for giving away Dynamic Themes, because so far none are worth $2.99.

And another for Naughty Dog to return to do Jak 4.

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ive voted on lots and commented, but havnt posted any ideas yet. I think sony should start commenting on ideas also. I hope we get cross game chat now, seen as that the most popular.

i shared like 3 ideas and only one of them passed and i got -21 =[
thanks assholes! =/

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For those who don't know, this thread is about the share blog where you can submit and vote for ideas that you think can improve the 'Playstation experience'. Right now cross game voice chat is leading in votes with PS2 emulation in second.


I just voted for cross game voice chat, though PS2 emulation would be good too.

I've got one successful idea in. http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/17/quick-trophy-reference-info/

My other two weren't accepted. If your Idea's already in there, they won't accept it. I've voted on hundreds of them and commented on a decent few.

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No idea what it is.

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cool i wonder if these ideas will take off.... aside from that cool

I put in an idea for Rockband DLC (dont know if they can do anything about it) So that it does not only list the songs by name but by artist as well... I DL a lot of songs from there and That is the most anoying thing on PSN for me >:(