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God of War III, as can be seen in our review, is a fantastic game." There are niggles, sure, but it felt like a complete, whole experience and a perfect one to round off the current canon." However, it now appears that the game isn't totally complete, and that there's a missing (and seemingly quite massive) epilogue chapter after the final few cut-scenes that was cut from the game. According to Santa Monica's Steve Caterson, that is (via Kotaku).

"Probably the hardest cut was we had a whole kind of epilogue at the end planned that we just never got, just didn't get" said the game's Senior Producer, following with a teasing "maybe later!" Stig Asmussen chips in too, hinting at a Titan battle: "there was a pretty large thing that we chopped from the ending that I had regrets about" he said, "but then something we added at the end that helps make up for it a little bit, and helps make it more personal. We had titan encounters in the game, we had a pretty big one planed for the end and we got pretty far with it it, but it was just one of those deals"

"It was to the point where we had to remove one just to invest time in the other ones that we had in the game, to get those right. As far as DLC goes, it might be something we might think about getting out there someday" Asmussen said. "The pieces are in place, the idea is written. If it's something we put out there it would be something that would be free."


- my take on it, the only titan that is alive is he who holds the earth on his shoulders:




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I consider that a huge spoiler...

Following with the SPOILERS:

Maybe Kratos was dragged almost dying by a Titan which led to another fight?

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


bobobologna said:
I consider that a huge spoiler...