You're working: how many days do you get off per year?

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@ I love bacon

No, I meant just the vacation days you get per year (not including days you get off if you're ill)

But I also think it's interesting to see what bank holidays you've got

@starcraft: that soundsfair enough

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oh, 0.

never called off do to being sick either, then again, I'm very rarely sick.

Living in France. I have 60 days off a year, lucky me I guess...

same for me - in the 10 years, I worked part-time or full-time, I was sick for just one day in total.
But it might happen someday

So how many paid vacancy days do you get per year, IlB?

I answered. 0

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I don't work yet.

25 days. I've worked two years for my current employer, 8 years in total.

NJ5 said:

28 days of vacation per year... This means I can have a nice summer vacation and Christmas/New Year to go back home as well.

My philosophy is work to live, don't live to work.


I don't know where you are from, but it sounds like you are not US grown but European grown. I like your style and I fully support your philosophy.

I'm gonna risk a ban to say that a lot of US grown people I have met  have some really fucked up priorities in life.

10 holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on. I can move them with minimal problem, but you can only move them back not forward)
15 vacation days (I get 1 extra day every year I work here after working for 5 years with a max of 20)
10 paid sick days (if taken, with no note needed unless I'm out more than 2-3 days)

I'll also throw in that if it goes after 10 days of sick time, I have disability insurance which would cover 60% of my salary that is paid for by work, then I have extra disability insurance that would cover me to near 100% that I pay out of pocket that doesn't cost too much at all.

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