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Why Pretty Boys > All other characters. Poll of Awesome Apples!

Agreed! Viva La Pretty boys! 28 21.05%
No, your fake and gay! 70 52.63%
Other (Post) 4 3.01%
What are you on? give me sum! 13 9.77%
Mmmm... Apple Parade! 2 1.50%
I <3 Apples ^_^ 15 11.28%
outlawauron said:
Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
outlawauron said:
Oh Seraphic.

haha, well thats one down... only 4 to go... of people who i wanted to see this thread, and you were number 2 on the list.

Hehe, well my problems with your boys is that they're usually shallow characters, pansies, or emo. All three traits that I don't find desirable.


But we've been down this road before.

Pretty much agree, they make it hard for me to feel their character because they're usually so 1 dimensional and know they're going to try and say something funny, be clueless about a situation, or whine. (zach, tidus etc.) Dante I wouldn't call a pretty boy. Hes pretty but hes badass, Nero fits in my description of a pretty boy however. Balthier >>>> Zach and Cloud AND Sep btw.

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Euphoria14 said:

You forgot ">all on that list"

Sephiroth and the purple stars along with that background song don't help your case. A truly badass male is...

Lest we all forget the baddest sumbitch from that franchise.

This thread is nice.

Also, there's something hypnotic about the picture of yourself. I think it's the kind of zoom effect or something like that. Very well done.

Im a metrosexual myself and good looking, dress really stylishly.

And I hate being mistaken for being gay. It's annoying.

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Where's Squall, Samanosuke (though Takeshi Kaneshiro IRL is a pretty boy...), Vincent, Alucard, and Raiden(MGS)? And if you included Dante and Nero, Vergil should be there, too. I would question your inclusion of the PS2 PoP, though. His hair was terrible and he wasn't particularly good looking. And Genesis just creeps me out in that pic.

Yes, pretty but badass boys are way better than steroid-pumped, ultra-macho characters.

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Whoa, some of those 'boys' in the OP totally had me thinking they were girls... O_O

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are you gay Seraphic?

I hate pretty boys in Anime/Manga/Games because in general they have always the same personalities (and often boring).

That woulds be cool if someday a  X pretty boy character will be create with the personalities of Cao Cao from the Dynasty Warriors series.

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