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it will be too late for the x360 by the time it's slim edition comes out, ps3 would have taken too much ground, so no it will not kill PS3, but x360 won't die either

it's the future of handheld


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yes. i believe that with the release of a 360 slim, sony will stop making and selling the ps3 slim all together and they will say "oh snap! they got us!"

but seriously no not at all. it would take a miracle to knock a company out of the console race altogether. MS and sony lost so much money on their console hardware and their companies are not really phased at all

Profcrab said:
Coronalex said:
I don't think it will make MUCH of a difference.
Sure they will sell well, but the PS3 is at a sweet spot with 299.
If they need to a drop to 250 it will make this a "non issue" as KB would put it.
Plus "It's Official: PS3 Has The Best Library Ever" http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3178474
I think everything will be juuuuuuuuuust fine

Before you go posting that link around too much, consider that Lair is on that list of "Gold" games.  It got a Famitsu score of 34/50 whic is above the 32/50 needed to be on that list.  Remember that Famitsu is a Japanese hype meter.  Their ratings are based, and they have admitted, largely on how much the game is anticipated.  The only reason the Wii is way low on that list is because of all the shovelware.

Also, if you actually read the numbers, Famitsu may have given a greater percentage of PS3 games a "gold" ranking, but they gave more 360 game gold rankings in total number, than they gave PS3 games, 77 PS3 games to 104 360 games.

So, first, Famitsu is a poor measure of game quality.  Second, if you are going to post a link to numbers, make sure you read them first.

I give that post a 9.1.

Wow, even posts are being rated now a days are they ?

This whole fanboy scene has hit a whole nother level.

This argument could be endless, after all, we are going by other peoples opinions.

BUT going by what you are saying, the PS1 is much better than the 360

PS1 (130/2645)

360 (104/240)

Is that right ?

The whole point of this was to say "on average" which ones have a higher rating, not "who has the most".

I would have thought that was obvious... Maybe it's just me


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These threads are retarded, MS has there fans, PS3 has there fans, If MS comes with a 360 slim, and a price drop , fine they still have natal that will be expensive, Now PS3 will also be doing a price drop, and has PS move dropping with a good price tag and lots and lots of support. Both Sony and MS have great exclusives dropping also, Sony will be just fine, and MS will also be just fine, Who knows who will win this dumb ass console war, But both will continue to sale very well. Sony still gives the biggest bang for your buck with , free online gamming, built in Bluray player, built in Wifi, Blietooth, web browser, standard harddrive. So with all of that , KZ3 , res 3, GT5 , Infamous 2, Socom 4, another FF, Uncharted 3 , Ps move with tons of games and support, Sony will stay on fire. both Sony and MS offer the very best in gaming in my opinion , and offer the best games , bar none, so one may sale more then the other, but they will both do very well.

shouldnt this be in a 360 forum?

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DirtyP2002 said:
jhuff394 said:

Both consoles are supposed to last 10 years.. First off, Dvds will not be used much by then..

You think DVD will be gone in 5 years? DVD outsells BluRay 10:1 today.

Second of all, as cliche as it sounds, I think graphics enhancements over 10 years on the ps3 to overwelm the 360..

The difference is not as big as the difference between Xbox and PS2. The Xbox was the graphical better console last gen and it did not help.

And as you have already seen, exclusives on ps3 are far superior already in 2010, this is why microsoft is using natal to grab the Wii fanbase and cutting prices.. The product will not last as long as PS3 and they will release a new console well before Sony.

Best selling exclusive last year: Halo ODST Wii Sports Resort
Best selling exclusive 2008: Gears of War 2 Wii Fit
Best selling exclusive 2007: Halo 3

PS3 had some nice games last year with Uncharted or Killzone2 but they failed to grow as big as a Halo or a Gears of War. They were great games, but not as significant as other franchises in this industry. They didn't have to be.

Thank you



Fixed. He made some pretty one-sided points, but some of yours needed correcting with a touch of opinion.

OT: This topic was bound to go South.


the problem is neither is going anywhere cause ps3 will have games that the 360 dosnt and the 360 will have games the ps3 dosnt its just that simple SURE a slim xbox will solidify second place if it IS 100 dollars with good specs the WHO KNOWS it may close the 20 million gap with the wii (not) but lets be sure the ps3 isnt going anywhere

The 360 is dying a drop of 13% in the marketshare yoy thats terrible. Will a Slim 360 have the capability of knocking the PS3 back down to its prior position? No not on its own I think that if Microsoft releases a new Slim bundled with Natal for only like 150$ or 199$ then I think Microsoft might be able to regain marketshare. However I don't think Microsoft can completely supress the PS3 like it used too. A cheaper hardware bundle with Natal and some kick ass software could rejuvinate Microsoft's market share but I can't see it taking down the PS3! Maybe Microsoft can hold off the PS3 and remain second place long enough for the next gen to start.


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A 360 slim at a low price point may have a good chance of putting the 360 ahead of the PS3 in terms of hardware sales. But the real issue is will it slow down the PS3's surging software sales? And the answer to that is I don't think it will.

How well does the 360 Arcade model sell anyway? The arcade is already pretty cheap, but I didn't want to go anywhere near that model when I purchased a 360 last year because of the lack of a hard drive.

The Slim doesn't really alleviate the HDD problem much, especially since M$ is only going to allow a max of 32 GB via 2 different USB cables. I don't really see this as a great solution.

I think M$ is making a grave mistake with their Slim. I think they really should have focused on making a Slim model for both the Elite and the Arcade. The Elite is really the gamer's 1st choice of a console. A cheaper Elite Slim would have been much more popular, IMHO, than an Arcade Slim. The Elite Slim could have revitalized the Xbox much in the same way that the PS3 Slim has revitalized the PS3.

So, even though M$ will have a cheaper 360 I am still not that impressed. What will be much more deadly will be a cheaper Elite bundled with Natal. I think M$ is making a major mistake in not making a Slim Elite model available in a Natal bundle--- that would have had great appeal.


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