Which will be the best selling exclusive of the year

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Which will be the best selling exclusive of the year

Halo Reach 84 37.00%
GT5 76 33.48%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 33 14.54%
Other 34 14.98%

Pokemon HG/SS or Halo Reach.

Neither GT5 nor Galaxy 2 will crack 10m (lifetime). The other two will.

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Halo Reach

In that order.

P.S. Thats IF GT5 is EVEN coming out this yr.

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5 THINGS I'd like to see before i knock out:

a. a AAA 3D sonic title

b. a nintendo developed game that has a "M rating"

c. redesgined PS controller

d. SEGA back in the console business

e. M$ out of the OS business

SMG2 unlike other mentioned titles it won't have any decent competition on it's own platform so we can expect classic Nintendo mind blowing numbers.


I want to say Super Mario Galaxy 2,but, Halo Reach will sell like crazy even if it is a prequel.


Starcraft will probably win if it is released this year.

Heart gold and soul silver have a shot.

Galaxy 2 won't win. I see it getting 8-9 million maybe even less than that.

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halo reach for sure followed by mario galaxy. racing games aren't that popular anymore.

halo reach-12 million by years end

Out of those and this year, Halo Reach. As much as I don't want to admit, when GT comes out it will have awesome legs.

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Starcraft 2

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NSMB Wii. I give it a middling chance of maintaining it's pace throughout the entire year unlike the blockbuster titles that will fizzle out after a 2 or 3 weeks. So yeah.... my best selling exclusive for 2010 will be one that started selling last year.