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papflesje said:
KratosWarIsMyDestiny said:
papflesje said:
He doesn't talk much, does he? >_>

  at 2.06 he said Gaia   i dont     know if you heard it or not     but you  should  check it again   

Still isn't much, is it?


        no your right   i was    making sure you heard it  thats all 

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Looks awesome! But awkward and weird at the same time...

I think it was ok, even though he just stood there doing nothing. I think the point of the thing was just to gather interest, to make people come to Sony Style. And I'm sure that worked out.

Thats Epic!!! Good find!!!

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KratosWarIsMyDestiny said:

     www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wI5R2WQl5s     its a  must see    these is   100 percent  the real Kratos  

That guy totally stole my halloween costume   Guess I'll have to go as someone else now. 

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Onibaka said:
Bamboleo said:
shanbcn said:
Onibaka said:
In Brazil, GoW is one of the most popular franchise in gaming, i`m not kidding, at least it sells more than mario.

Do you got some data for that?


I'm curious

Mario is more popular, but ps3 don`t have piracy and kratos has a great fanbase. Actually piracy in PS2 days helped A LOT for GoWIII in Brazil, most people only buy a 360 for piracy and actually prefer ps3 over 360.

Well that good to see!

he sure looks like him but way too short.

haha nice one...that guy really got muscles...but he looks kind of stupid IMO! :D