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... so are you upset about your Wii or about your love life?

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Women... remember the one that broke some guy's PS3? They're such a nuisance, and your Wii deserves more respect and caring from you :/

Wii wont give you babies!! but it might give you pleasure ~_~

that sucks man, should have thrown plates and glasses instead

forest-spirit said:
I would chop of my head and throw at her before I even think about throwing my Wii.

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Local currency to pounds. I think it will be about 40-50pnds. Ultimatly it would have made more sense just to call Nintendo straight away or if you don't like talking over the phone. Checking the NIntendo.uk site.

I suspect that the OP is secretly looking for emotional support from the VG community here for the incident than the Wii.

It's simple. Healthy relationships are about communication. When voices become raised then something important has happened. You the person who has raised their voice has stopped listening.(applies both ways) At this point there is no point continuing to use words and the best action is to say "I'm pissed right now and not in the mood to talk and not receptive to discussion. I need some air" Then walk away. If you walk away without explaining yourself then expect things to blow up even worse. Men are from Mars(which associate as wolves, pack mentality) Women are from Venus(which are more like cats)

Good luck to you, your girlfriend and you Wii.

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Wow! I usually throw controllers and not consoles but to each their own I guess. Honestly though I hope you can get it fixed. It might be easier to just buy a new one if you have $200 lying around.

I just hope you are not so upset about your Wii dieing that you throw your TV.

puffy said:
It's called karma, learn from it

Cause one day the Wii will throw you! jk

But yea...good thing you werent holding a baby or anything lol

Wii will turn its back on you, and pay back is a biatch!