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I think Sony is going to wait to at least be making a little profit on the PS3 before they do another price cut.

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Only if the PS3 sales are dying out drastically...But the HW sales are good and any price cut is not needed..Especially when the last Q they made finally a profit.


Nope...October at the earliest, but I doubt if they'll even have one this year.  Heck, they already have production/supply problems...just imagine what would happen with a $199 ps3!  

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Why would you cut the price of a system your having shortages of... I don't see an E3 pricecut.

PS3 pricecut--

Possible? Yes.
Probable? No.

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By "we" do you mean you & your cat?

anyway no I don't think so.



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Lol Nvm i better not. 

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they will reduce it $50 this year and then $50 next year with a second slim

Doubt it.