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Okay, my dad got a new tv because his last one was smashed in the earthquake and when he got it they gave him a 5.1 CH Blu-ray Home Cinema System as a gift, since he already had one he gave it to us.

My question is is how do I connect my ps3 to it?

Its a samsung HT-BD1250, It has a optical cable in and out and what I want to do is get an optical cable, connect it from the thing to my ps3 and my ps3 to the tv via HDMI, at least thats the impression I have from what I understand.

Does anybody know something about it? Ask questions if info is missing.

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I think that will work. Thats how i was going to do mine but the sound system was wanted back from the person so i never got a chance to use it.

Ok, so Ill buy an optical cable and do that, Im gonna ask the guy in the store before though I hope he knows something.