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LordDeDeDe said:

You make it sound as if Sony needs to counter. We've reached the point where it doesn't really matter anymore, all the big 3 have sold really well and are still selling really well. Not to mention quality games across the board

I think this is going to be the first console generation where every console will be considered a success

Very well said!!!

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SONY's countering with 3D.
They also have MOVE and GT5.

The X360 price cut was inevitable though.

I think the key to cheap X360 is getting a lot of people to use Natal. If done properly, people will use it for stuff like watching movies etc. People will love controller less menus and stuff apart from gaming.

I see Natal as MS way of attracting casual gamers who enjoy the Wii.

It will be interesting. Can't wait to see what they release.

the ps3 will start selling like mad in a few months just from what it is now and the games that have recently come out will all have legs because there was somany at once

The situation we have now is the best for gamers. We have 3 consoles on the market (not to mention handhelds) and non of them is going to end it's life cycle before it should.

Sony doesn't need to counter but think taht they would like to end this generation higher than third place.

wont effect sony at all i think the consumers worldwide realize your better off buying a ps3 not only for the diversity in games but the hardware is much better and its free online , either way ps3 is up like 40- 50k a week over 360 and they are almost selling evenly in NA.

look what happened with nintendo price cut didnt affect much of anything and the 360 isnt a very large machine to begin with its loud as a hairdryer thats what they need to fix , the fan and the failure rate.

software will continue to sell these machines and sony is pumping out way more diverse games in quality and quantity plus xbox wont have a bluray so the future of the larger titles are always going to be multiple discs and lower quality.

i own a 360 but in no way can i say its better in anyway then a ps3 im not an idiot i see the quality in front of my face from both platforms from games to the interface and hands down ps3 is the smarter , neater , classier, more powerful, much more quiet, more future proof machine im not a fanboy in anyway i own bayonetta and odst on 360 i just know better when i see it

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Still not believing 360 slim.

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GT5 has more system selling potential than HR especially when they bundle it. They might cut the price to $250 or introduce yet another SKU. Move should be a success if advertised; they're marketing department have taken their heads out of their collective asses now. Agent & SOCOM 4 are coming in the holidays; Twisted Metal is a possibility. 3D gaming won't do a damn thing though. I'd bet on seeing a close race between Sony & MS come Q4.


I don't think either the Natal or 360 slim is going to do much. It's a little too late in the game for a redesigned 360 and most people that probably are interested in the 360 either already have one or would have bought one regardless of whether or not the slim was released.

As for Natal, MS is over hyping the hell out of something that isn't going to make much of an impact. It's just a camera that can sense movement, nothing special. And gaming with no controllers is not going to fly with most people. The eye toy didn't do much, I don't see why people think Natal will.

The lack of precision and accuracy will be a turn off for the hardcore gamers and the difficulty and awkward control will deter most casual gamers. It'll have a few breakout hits that will probably simple quirky games like Sony's ad says, "catch a red ball" and perhaps be used as a secondary feature in some games, but beyond that it won't make an impact.

GT5 simultaneous WW release with a $50 price cut outta work wonders.

All Sony needs is more:


That is all.