Is God of War III that great?

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It's not exactly mind-shatteringly great, but it's okay.

Fact is, for all the glitz and glamor, it's still the same shallow romp with slightly more interactivity than the haunted mansion at Disneyland.

Of course, it's great if you want to see more of the baffling design choices the series is famous for. Example: consider how in Mario 64, you could see where Mario is going to land (after jumping off an owl or something) by where his shadow is going. God of War's shadow system is definitely fancy, but doesn't serve this function, and it doesn't offer any other tricks to help you out with stuff like that. So, Santa Monica Studios, congrats on making something less sophisticated than an N64 game.

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I just beat it last night and I've enjoyed it as well as the first two games.

So yea, I'd say it was a great experience. Though I thought Kratos' voice sounded a little weird on some of his lines, like when he repeats the line he uses at the end of the second game.

gekkokamen said:

renting? it's not like you were buying anything anyway it seems to me....

?? O_o ?? Inside joke? Does kowenicki not buy a lot of games? Color me confused.

About 2/3 of the way through (I think based on weapons/upgrades).

Game play- overall less button mashy and slightly improved from 1 and 2. For the most part you are rewarded with simple button mashing but the combat feels deeper than before. The new weapons are well balanced and fun/usable. Also, many enemies/combinations of enemies actually require strategy/use of additional weapons/tactics.

Side note, the context sensitive button stuff is much easier now that they are displayed on the sides of the screen (kind of takes away from the tension and also draws you eyes away from the screen a bit.) should have been an option!

Graphics- everything looks phenomenal, lighting and texture work in particular, and some set pieces (titans), are just nuts.

Only real flaw so far seems to be the level design and environments, which some how seem a little random and slightly less iconic/diverse as the thoes in the prior two games. (Some areas are very beautiful and interesting and others much less so).

Overall it's not perfect, but dammed amazing non-the-less. So far it’s a great game and definitely worth the price of admission.

The non ps3 users who haven't even touched the game bashing it is just sad!

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bayonetta is a wicked game that people should definitely play but saying its better than gow3 is freakin laughable .

the very first boss fight in gow3 makes all of bayonetta feel out done by a mile

M.U.G.E.N said:
The non ps3 users who haven't even touched the game bashing it is just sad!

Happens with all games on all consoles, but I agree that it is sad.


yes it is that great!!

Dont listen to twesterm. He is just trolling. You asked what people thought of God of War III. yet he says what he thinks of the first one, a PS2 game. And then compares it to Bayonetta. Just ignore him.

Anywho. God of War III is the best of the series IMO. The combat is better then ever, very epic battles. Just over all. Over the top amazing. I say get it ASAP.

twesterm said:

Just so you have a different opinion since everyone else will say buy it, I would say buy Bayonetta.

I'm playing God of War right now and it's a good game but I've been thinking the entire time I'd rather be playing Bayonetta.

Granted this is only God of War I'm playing but from everything I've heard God of War 3 is God of War 2 is God of War and I'm expecting to think the same at least all the way through God of War 2.

So my opinion-- if you're looking for a God of War type game, get Bayonetta.


And why must a game be outstanding to even consider playing it?

Funny because while I was playing GOW 1 and 2 right before GoW 3 came out, I thought to myself, Wow, I'm having more fun playing this than Bayonetta (which I've beaten and thouroughly enjoyed). To each his own I guess.


Anyways, GoW III is amazing, it really is. If you've played any of the GoW games, you'll have a "I feel like I've done this before" yet you can't complain because it is really good.