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PizzaFaceGamer said:

Hey, the facts are the facts.

I was shocked the Xbox 360 had 100 more higher rated games than the ps3 and 200 more than the Wii.

Seriously, why don't more people discuss this HUGE disparity???

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Were a year behind..


PS3 wins 2009...

But I don't know... I mean only about 40 games a year hit my radar... per platform... and the 40 big releases on PS3 just seem to be better than the 40 big releases on 360, and since I need not purchase 50 or so games a year... (like most people) in the end I'm better off with a PS3.

Not really a figure which anyone either cares about, or effects anyone. Doesn't seem to effect sales either.

I'd also make an argument that the PS3 has been released for a shorter period of time, which accounts to a lower total game count... so the PS3 has 44% of it's games at 75+ standard whereas the 360 38%, which is of some significance.

the 360 has more games than the the ps3 because it came out first and has about 100 more games than the ps3 so this is not valid at least against ps3.

why do threads like that keep popping up?

Metacritic haha considering how much the Microsoft exclusive magazines dominate the sites reviews it makes since the 360 has higher reviews. Furthermore, when a game like FFXIII, which under best circumstances deserves the same review score as the PS3 has a higher overall metascore despite being clearly inferior then you know the system is broken.

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No just no. No way. A TRUE GAMER wouldn't play a game rated 75. They'd only play games rated 99 and up!!!!!!!!!!

indeed, which is why Nintendo has the best games

dsister44 said:
fastyxx said:
hasanwhy said:
hahaha, nahhh. In your opinion, the Xbox 360 has the better set of games, but personally I don't like half of them. The same applies to the PS3 for me as well; Just because there is more games for a single system doesn't mean people are going to jump the gun and purchase one right away.

Wow.  You must play a lot of games if you can judge whether or not you dislike 150 of them rated 75 or higher.  Wish I had that much free time.  You must also be very very picky about the games you play.  I wonder which half you like.  Maybe you could list them for us.

Well, in his defense. Most of the sports games get over 75, and I dislike them all. How many sports games are there?

That should get me halfway there 

Yup, pretty much dude. I don't really like sports games, strategy games, most of the RPG's that are on that list, and some action games like Bayonetta and Darksiders. 

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Big deal you would never have the time to play all those games on any of the systems, and if you did than you would probably weigh 1000 pounds, and look like an albino.

Let's play the percentage game since Microsoft did have a 1 year head start on the PS3 and Wii....

There are 838 games listed for the 360 on Metacritic. There are 323 games over 75 on Metacritic. Now. dividing it together, we have a 38.5% of the 360 library at over 75 on Metacritic.

There are 505 games listed for the PS3 on Metacritic. There are 226 games over 75 on Metacritic. Now. dividing it together, we have a 44.8% of the PS3 library at over 75 on Metacritic.

There are 591 games listed fr the Wii on Metacritic. There are 139 games over 75 on Metacritic. Now. dividing it together, we have 27.5% of the Wii library at over 75 on Metacritic.

So going by percentages, 360 > PS3 > Wii. But don't feel too bad for the Wii, it's still winning in what really matters this generation anyways.

It was a good try though. :)