Will this be the X360's Peak Year?

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Will this be the X360's Peak Year?

Yes 57 43.85%
No 73 56.15%

This isn't a clone of the Wii thread, going by previous years figures, I believe this could be the 360's peak year.

Year Jan 3rd - March 3rd (roughly) Total Year
2007 0,973 7,733
2008 1,078 10,441
2009 1,638 9,921
2010 1,504  

The latter part of 2008 saw the massive marketing blitz on the Xbox 360 pricecut and avatars update, which clearly helped to achieve it's highest ever sales.

Even though 2009 was (a mere) 500k below what 2008 did it had strong sales in the first 3 quaters compared to 2008,2007 and 2006.

So Xmas 2009 is over, and not a lot happened for the 360 sales wise, it was down YOY throughout the entire holiday, but Q1 2010 so far is painting a different picture (slightly), although it's down from 2009's strong Q1, it's not down by much, and it's come out of a pretty average holiday season, there was no reason to believe it wouldn't fall back to just a little bit more than 2008's Q1 sales.

If the Xbox 360 can keep this up for the next 2 Q's, then sales will be something like this 4mill 2010 vs 4.5 mill 2009.

Then comes christmas, now this all depends on what microsoft have planned, and if it's going to be bigger than the price cuts and NXE of 2009. Natal, rumoured redeisgn, possible price cut, and the amount of articles titled "biggest year for X360 EVER" we've seen seem to suggest so?

So with a strong Q1/Q2/Q3 similar to 2009's, and a very strong Q4 similar to 2008's, the 360 can go way above it's 10.4 mill high score it set in 2008.


So, is this the 360's peak year?


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Game wise yes. Hardware wise its too early to tell. Natal/possible slim will need to have a big effect in order for this to be the case.

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Well it could very well be, although you could be wrong and the Xbox 360's peak year could be next year if Natal really takes off...

I think we might end up with a double peak! Though the funny thing is the question of why its selling so well now? Is it anticipation for Natal or what?

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Possibly. Natal may change this or not, but I think this could be it's peak year. It's had a good run though, nearly 5 years on the market and is still kicking. It's a HUGE improvement over the original Xbox and has paved the way for future Xbox consoles.


I was going to come in here and curse you for a fanboy, but then I read your post. It's possible almost leaning towards probable. Interesting!

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Anything is possible. The economic conditions could make it more difficult, but if it's in the blueprint there's a big possibility.

It all depends on whether or not everything works as it should.




It depends on Natal.

If Natal is a big hit, expect it to be the 360's best year. If not, then i expect the 360 to be about the same as last year. 9-10 Million.

2010 or 2011 will be the peak year

If natal does well and this slim rumour is true then I'd say its nailed on.

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i think 08 was its peak year. but then again this year MIGHT outsell it by a few 100k..