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It's been a week since it's out, so I think it's a good time to start getting people's impression of the game.

Here's my review/impression, starting to come out of the initial 20 hours, somewhat boring, part, without any spoilers:


Basically, for me, the first part is a bit too overdrawn, but it's starting to get super awesome.

Let me know what you think, and if you've played the game, how do you feel about the game yourself.

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I didn't think the first 20 hours was boring. :/

FF13 is definitely a great game i give it a 9/10 but IGN score is actually fine. its not perfect and it doesnt beat my Xxperience's with FF4, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 but its better than rest. My issues involve the controll chokehold the game has you in till ch11, the LV up, the structure is far too controlled for my liking. The long ass chapters that force you to face enemies with large amounts HP back 2 back can get exhausting( ch9 and ch7), some battles you cant get away from too. lots of cutscenes involves characters having the same conversations over and over again especially Sazth, Hope, and Snow.

+ Great battle system
+ Great graphics and cutscenes
+ Good challenge
- It's the RPG equivalent of a shooter on rails. Whatever happened to exploration?
- The world is completely empty. You almost never enter towns or interact with NPCs. It's just an unending series of combat stages.
- To paraphrase the Destructoid review, why defend Cocoon? You never really get to visit it or meet its people.
- Too many made up words.

To resume, it's a great system that deserves a better story and a better world.

Maybe its just me, I actually thought FF Xlll was lackluster especially compared to 12, 10 and 8. Its no bad but if I had to remember FF Xll for something it wouldn't be its story, its definitely interesting but ppl like Snow and Hope ruin it

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3rd best in the series imo. Read my review! :D

I thought the beginning was awesome. They actually did a really good job of combining tutorial, story and game play. I'm only 6 hours in though.

silicon said:
I thought the beginning was awesome. They actually did a really good job of combining tutorial, story and game play. I'm only 6 hours in though.


It was 8 hours in that it started feeling tedious for me.


I'm having trouble rating it compared to other RPGs, because now that I've experience no MP, I have trouble enjoying the other Final Fantasies.

For me, I'd put the game up there with my top FFs, FF6 and FF5, just from the battle system. The rest of the game could have been improved on significantly -- but it's still enjoyable.

It just squeaks by X for me, but is still second to FFVII


i just started playing and just had my first fight and taste of the battle system. imma WTF?! i only control the main character?! WHAT? then 1 potion = good for all?! WTF?! LAME!!
then there's no experience? again,WHAT? never played ffxii so im likeFUCK!
this is so lame ass! even pathetic sissy whimp as gamers can beat this sissy ass game.