What Is Your Favorite Mini Game In A JRPG?

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What is your favorite mini game in a jrpg?

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Either Tin Pin Slammer in TWEWY (if there was an online version of this I would destroy) or the minigames in the casino in Paper Mario TTYD.

Triple Triad hands down XD

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FFVIII's card game

Easy- from FF9, it would be Rape the Moogl... err... Chocobo Hot 'n Cold. Half my game timer was spent here, and I do have my star next to the amount of points I can have...


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blitzball for sure...triple triad was good too

blitzball for sure.

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definetly blitzball i spent hours on that it was like a whole extra game for free

I spent more time playing Blizball than I spent playing the rest of FFX.

Tho the Stage Acting in Suikoden 3 was absolutely EPIC (so was the Chef battles in Suikoden 2)