120Gb ps3 slim sold out in my area in all stores

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In my area all PS3s are hard to find, the 120 gig and 250 gig are always sold out, if you want one you have to get there the day they get there shipment, It took me awhile to find a 120 gig, without driving hours away from my house. Finally found one at Bestbuy.

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in my are, as well, all PS3s are difficult to find... i had to wait almost a month just to score 120gb;
i wanted a 250gb so bad but at that point in time, the closest store that had it was a few states away

i finally got tired of waiting and bought the 120gb one
it worked out fairly well anyway 'cuz i was able to buy arkham asylum and fallout

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I have a 250 GB its actually only 232GB because off all the space for other stuff
Ive had my ps3 since February this year and I only have out 170-180GB left so ive used about 50gigs and Ill probably use up all the memory sooner or later

my bestbuy doesnt even have a space for ps3s anymore. i think you need to order them and pick them up

This is a growing problem. My friend bought a PS3 this weekend we had to go to 4 store to find it. He went to Best Buy (sold out), Gamestop (sold out), Target (sold out). He finally found one at Wal-Mart. A 120 GB model. There is a shortage which I guess is good for Sony except now that God of War III is out its only gonna get worse. Bump up production Sony don't jade God of War fans.

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I believe the time has come for an OFFICIAL PS3 Shortages thread. I get too giddy with excitement about each person's trip to different stores with almost all of them arriving to the same conclusion about 120 gig PS3's in their area, I need to have all these stories in one thread. Include what you bought at the store as well, perhaps I can cross-reference the sold-out status of Hurt Locker with my local Wal-Mart to yours. Sorry to sound completely rude but we've seen enough of these types of threads knowing full well that Sony has officially stated there's been shortages, I'm sure most (if not all) can take just Sony's word for it.