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Just a rough estimate:

A quick VGChartz search says pokemon games have sold 181 million copies (33 games).

If each copy makes a profit of around $10 per copy that would be almost 2 billion dollars.

If each copy makes a profit of around $5 per copy, it would be 1 billion.

At $20 it would make 4 billion.

So I'd say somewhere inbetween 1 and 4 billion dollars, for the games. Merchandising and others... I don't even want to begin to estimate that.

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Slightly less than what I make per hour.

Anyways, with a question like this I would expect you to do some research first and then provide some data so we can discuss, i.e. what Killergran did.

So I wont answer. No effort given means no effort received.

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Viper1 said:
Cypher1980 said:

I read somewhere years ago that at the height of its popularity Pokemon made Nintendo more money in one year than the PS1 made SONY during its entire lifetime.

I must admit most people would take their hats off to a company that can get away with marking up a 5 cents playing card to nearly a buck at retail.

Not even close.

Though in 2008 and 2009, Nintendo did gain more profit in those single years than the entirety of the PS brand.


I forget which but one of our own members here made this handy chart.



Sooo... 2003 is the only year N hasn't been the lion in the den? (by 15% only)

If you look at it, there really is only 2 strategies here. The Video game company (Nintendo/ Sega) and the We're too big to fail anyways company (Sony/MS).

In 2009 N has made more money than PS1 and PS2 gen combined.... and 3x the amount Sony made overall...

MS basically took over sega's spot... the third place in red.... funny how 2008 isn't in red anymore ^^... they'll probably never recover the losses though.


It is amazing to see how much Nintendo made a year even during the Gamecube era