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Now that we are moving full pace into the next generation of gaming I was wondering what you all want out of it. List anything out of the following three thing that you want out of this gen: 1. Dream sequels 2. Dream new IP concepts 3. Dream gameplay ideas 1.Personally for sequels I want: another Shenmue, and another Hulk title. 2.With the Hulk title I want anything that will take the last Hulk title to the next level, meaning MORE DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIONMENTS!!! Any IP that pushes this concept would be good. HEY RARE instead of Banjo-Kazooie how about Blast Corps sequel!!!!(I don't even know if the license is available, just throwing it out there!) Plus I'd like to see more superhero games, Spiderman and Hulk showed so much promise, focusing on one charachter with a particular power has tremendous potential, Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man could be great. (I'd also love to see an actual good Batman/Superman games.) This gen definitly has the tools available to do more superpowers. 3.Gameplay wise I'd like to see more AI, not AI to make bad guys smarter, AI that makes talking to game charachters more interesting, how about rpgs that have towns folk without a one track mind. Also more physics as well.

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Most Superhero sandbox games! From Marvel: Blade Captain America Captain Marvel Daredevil Doctor Strange Ghost Rider Hulk Iron Man Luke Cage Moon Knight Namor the Sub-Mariner Nick Fury Nightcrawler Punisher Silver Surfer Spider-Man Thor Vision Wolverine Wonder Man and of course Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men




I've said it before, but I'd want Roadrash Wii. Just imagine, steer with the joystick, bash the hell out of your opponents with the Wiimote! I also want sequels to Myth and Future Cop. Loved those games

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Dream sequels: Full blown next gen Xenogears Final fantasy tactics 2 Zone of the Enders 3 Radiata stories sequel Rogue Galaxy sequel next gen remake of final fantasy 7 next gen remake of shadows of the colossus Many other that I forget right now.

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Dream Sequels: Baten Kaitos 3 Chrono Trigger 2 (Chrono Cross doesn't count) Lunar 3 Killer Instinct 3 Street Fighter 4 NFL2K8 (Yeah I know licensing prevents it) Dragon Force 3 Shining Force 4 (A real Shining Force, not the crap Sega has been shoveling lately) Panzer Dragoon Saga (remake) Bah I have to get going. Time to go home. I may come back and edit this later.

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I would love to see a new Kid Icarus...

Sequels: Shenmue 3 System Shock 3 A real Half Life 3 KOTOR 3 Panzer Dragoon Jet Set Radio 2 New Chu Chu Rocket New Space Channel 5 Wind Wakerish Zelda Zone of the Enders 3 New Concepts: Cell shading done in a way that would look mimmic impressionist painting - yes this is just a graphics concept and hell, any other style of painting would be great. Cuban missile crisis ends up in a full blown USA vs USSR war. FPS set in 1960's half nuked europe. A 5 chapter game where each one is like a short story. Each mini-campaign would involve a different character and a different style of gameplay, ie Doomish FPS, Tacticle shooter, stealth, ect. These stories would incorporate into a greater narrative told through different perspectives, which would raise a lot of questions about the end of the game because I've actually developed this concept quite a bit. And this would make for an excellent episodic game, unlike titles that are shoehorned into short 5hr sections. An FPS that takes place in real time, ie you start at 5pm and it ends at 10am the next day. Difficulty is designed around how fast the player progresses - if they are fast they can catch a firefight just begining in a town, if they are a moderate player they'll find it halfway through and if they suck they'll get there too late to partake in battle. If a player does fall really far behind then the game would finish later and the ending would be different. As above I have come up with a more in depth concept than this. A game that really banks off the first person perspective, ie literally seeing the world through another persons eye. Think of a title where you see the world through the eyes of a partially colorblind hero and how that would change not only the players perception o the world but also how they interact with it. This derives from my disdain of way overdone HDR and blooming in FPS titles - if it's first person than everything should appear the same as through a human eye, not some camera that blooms and lens flairs everything.

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The biggest loss of the last generation of consoles was the demise of SEGA. No Shenmue 3 is such a shame it makes me want to shed a tear. We'd be lucky to see the final installment within the next 5 years considering the work on Shenmue Online. Hopefully it's a success, and leads to Shenmue3 EDIT: another DC classic we really need to come back is Skies of Arcadia. Still is one of my favorite RPGs ever.

My Top 5:

Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Chrono Trigger

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Lightsaber Game for Wii

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