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indodude said:
Linux? Is that an OS?


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Ubuntu seems to be the one the masses like. I've flirted with Linux in the past and always been disappointed with it personally though.

Using Ubuntu Karmic at the moment. Would probably use Fedora but the fact that there is a PPA for just about every program on Ubuntu is too convinient to switch away from it.

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I once installed a multiboot with Linux on it...only problem was that you needed a proper partitioning program to switch back to the windows partition/boot sector when you boot to Linux. I used Mandrake.

now this was years ago...i don't even know if Mandrake still exists...or if they made the multiboot easier.

averyblund said:

Kubuntu is a great Ubuntu based lightweight distro. Fast as a mofo too.


As with any first time Linux user I suggest you download at least 3 different live-cds from different distros and see what you prefer. I'm mostly a Debian and Ubuntu guy but Fedora and many others are quite viable as well.

I was going to say Kubuntu as well

On a slightly related note, does anyone know how to do a tri-boot like XP/7/KB ?

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If you don't intend to do any gaming, really any version of Linux that comes with an installer is ideal.

Ubuntu is the absolutely easiest to work with, but it's a little harder to do fun things with.

I, personally, recommend openSUSE or Fedora. Fedora will look essentially identical to Ubuntu - it has the exact same graphical user interface and doesn't alter it at all - but it offers some more (easily accessed) functionality, at the cost of needing a hair more technical know-how.

openSUSE is professionally supported by an actual major networking/IT company, Novell. It, from my personal experience, offers the best general Linux experience to any user, but it IS a little harder to find your workarounds.

Just don't try doing much gaming. You'll work up a headache quickly.


Ubunto or Debian are 2 nice versions

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Here is what I did and im quite happy. Install wubi. Its kinda like installing ubuntu thru windows. Download wubi, set your partition size and install. It pretty much sets everything up itself.

Ubuntu is a great platform and works quite well with low end systems. GNOME(GUI) is what i prefer than KDE and will probably run better on a low spec system too..

The only thing that massively pissed me off was getting flash 64 bit to work..something I think that should work out of the box.. but since you'll be installing ubuntu 32 that wont be a problem.

Good luck!

Try getting the RAM up if you can! Even 1GB is sufficient in most cases

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