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nordlead said:
I came in here hoping the government was going to pay for me to buy this map pack

Depends, do you work for Goldman Sachs?


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$15? So much for getting the maps

It's just that simple.

Whoa, well I guess I'll wait until later to get it...

Well I hope no one buys this and Activision learns their place. This just has fail labeled all over the place.

This also explains the lack of an SDK for the PC version, they could have easily made maps from the PC version playable on the 360 version as well, kind of how mods and stuff work on the PS3 UT3 version.

This also why they screwed over the PC gamers, they knew full well that anyone on a PC would rather die than pay for extra maps.

That's an outrageous price for DLC. Not paying for it.

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this really sucks. i rather pay twice that much and buy another/better game...i never payed and never will pay for additional maps. i can't believe there are actually people who buy this, but as long as there are some, the rip-off will continue...damn those rich people

And moooooo goes the cash cow....

so thats gonna be around £10-£15 when its comes the Uk & PSN! Stuff that, not worth it

crash was my favourite map on cod4, but i dont play mw2 no more so ill pass

Are they really trying to kill the game?