Am i too old for pokemon?

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I'm 18 and I'm getting HeartGold. There's no problem being a Pokémon fan, it's just the other people who don't understand what's the concept behind it: it's not only about cute creatures, it's about strategy and skill.

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no your not

No, just dont go out talking about Pokemon. Just play it at home.

Err... there are 50 year old men who play pokémon... so, no you are not.

Nope as long as a game can inspire people to do things like this.

You can keep on loving it! The same way people love old Disney cartoons!


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No. There is no such thing as being too old for a good game. (You may not want to watch the cartoons though, you might be too old for that).

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I'm 21 and so are my friends. We have/are getting it.

If you have friends who are getting this and never played Gold and Silver, then for the love of God pick this up.

im 25 and im getting this one day one, played all the pokemon games apart from gold/silver first time round so looking forward to this. your never to old :)

i'm over 40 and i enjoy Pokemon games, but i think you are little to young to plays some games from your's collection for example Gears of war 2 or Uncharted :)

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I'm 20 and I just picked it up