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WOW @ PS2 selling 100k/month after 10 yrs.

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Are these the real NPD numbers? There's a rather large discrepancies there.

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RolStoppable said:
The 360 didn't really beat the Wii in February NPD. The two consoles are in a different market, that's why.

Microsoft had a really good financial result, so they bought back stock. But they got confused and ended up buying Xbox 360s rather than shares in their own company.

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I refuse to believe those numbers, because no matter how big shortages were, the Wii was always on top. Seeing that the 360 is the best selling home console this month makes it clear that NPD has been paid off by Microsoft.

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Weird numbers, I think NPD is adjusting numbers from December, probably the Wii didn't sold 3.8 million in that month.

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dolemit3 said:
Nintendo better get their act straightened out, otherwise both the PS3 and 360 will outsell it in March.

I don't think thay are really worry about losing march, tbh

Also to that person who said things will return to normal this month with PS3 beating 360.
How is that normal? In the last 20 NPDs (almost 3 years) the PS3 has beaten 360 just 3 times. With the 360 beating PS3 for the first two months of this year with 754k to 636k would that not mean 360 being in front was normal?

I think you have to be honest and say that march really will be the last chance saloon in US for PS3 in terms of overtaking 360. Beyond that we enter 360 exclusive games teritory and beyond that you have to think a price cut will be coming. It is hard to see where Sony can turn the tide there really. But i guess they won't mind as long as they run at a profit soon.

i think the 360 number is less surprising than the Wii number. I mean, the 360's been within +/- 10% YoY just about every month hasn't it? It's practically the same number as last year. The Wii number, however, is shockingly low.

Can't we all just get along and play our games in peace?

I smell adjustments to past months subtracted from this month's figures...

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