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I love this site (or I can't seem to stay away from it if I try) but it is time to innovate if we really expect this website's lifespan to extend longer than other previous video game websites. Luckily, I have a solution: vgcschartz.com (Video Game Control SystemZ)

At the top of the homepage will be graphs (akin to those here) showing the install base of Wii Motion Plus, Sony Move and Natal. Then we can have fascinating discussions about aligned launches, how many real pricecuts each has had, and what games are going to be "control system movers." Think how refreshing it will be to see threads titled: "That circular motion in this game is totally copying the circular motion in this other game you all called kiddie!" and "My Natal controller never gathers dust!"

Admit it, we could all use a change from the pattern of discussion here. I may never come back to this site again.

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I'll only support it if Bugrimmar is the big boss.


This site is real good I dont see it ending any time soon

Gnac said:
I'll only support it if Bugrimmar is the big boss.


Although I'll much prefer Bugrichartz.com

Not a bad idea, I'm all for it.

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Information on peropheral sales would be great.