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its under 100 but that picture is funny

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NYANKS said:
Didn't the sign at GDC say "under 100"? HWhy does that automatically mean 100 is the cost? Anyone?

For me I thought oh so 99.99 because that is what infomericals do. It slices it dices it chops it pops all for under 40 act now and get it for 39.99

under $100 means $99.99

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That's really cheap considering everything you get.

Does anyone have any idea if there's only 1 move in this bundle? And whether move includes the nunchuck-looking thing and the ball-bearing motion controller, or just the ball part itself??

Oh, and when I hear under $100, I always think of $99.99, it was what the 1-cent off thing have been for, anyway.

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Tack on another $20-40 for the nunchuck and you have an add-on that isn't much cheaper than a Wii itself.

And I agree with everyone else, under $100 dollars in most cases means $99 and change.

There will be bundles folks.

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Also, who is going to be ready to drop near $200 to get the necessary controllers for 2 people? (2 moves, 1 Eyetoy, 2 Companions). If the Wii is any indication (and since this is a near carbon copy of the Wii mote set up) multiplayer games will be a focus for the Move.

After watching the GDC press conference and seeing that what Sony have for the casual gamer is basically a Wii Sports Resort knockoff.. I fail to see how Sony expect this to make any dent in Nintendo's market leadership whatsoever..

Sony need NEW experiences if they want success, just look at Wii Sports -> Wii Fit, completely different experiences.. People won't spend the money on something they see as just a shinier version of what's already available. Especially at anywhere near $400.


Hopefully move+chuck will be $59.99 or less because I already have an eye.
also they kinda have to add the chuck in otherwise that will kinda fuck everything up .... unless you can still use a DS3 as a sub for the sub controller :/