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OMG first Bobby Kotick and now now Sony are admitting that games are addicting. If the largest third party in the world and the industry leaders say so then it must be true AND WE SHOULD BAN GAMES!

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2nd commercial http://www.viddler.com/explore/sceablog/videos/845/11.587

CGI-Quality said:
Although, I would have like one for HEAVY RAIN

i was kinda glad they didn't one for Heavy Rain.


i believe the Tone of Heavy Rain does not mix well with a funny advert.

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oh, god kevin buttle,r what i would do to you lol

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bRoKeN said:

2nd commercial http://www.viddler.com/explore/sceablog/videos/845/11.587

nice commercial could have shown more review scores but it was awesome when i saw it.

Can't wait to see it on TV

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lol @ insignificant other!!!


this is so great :P

edit: I am watching this over and over again :D

That... was anti-climatic. it was okay though.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! *applaud*