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jneul said:
threads like this make me laugh, especially when everyone jumps on board and assumes arc will automatically fail, what people don't get here is arc appeals to both hardcore and casual users, which wii has not appealed to the hardcore user as much, so it shall be successful, but not as successful as the wii already is

I don't see everyone jumping on, I see different views, and a decent conversation on the topic at hand.

And people are making predictions, giving opinions, and conversing, Hence: one of the main reasons of a Forum.

Not to mention half this site is based on predictions, if you 'assume' otherwise, then your on the wrong site.

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I don't think the Arc will fail, but I can't imagine that 3rd party developers are going to go crazy releasing good games.

Alot of games such as Madden '11 will get Arc Support, but they will not be exclusive Arc games. Not many 3rd party publishers will want to try to sell a game to a fractured user-base. Arc, by definition, is a niche fanbase because it was released mid-console.

The only way Arc will be a success is if Sony releases a plethora of good 1st party games. The only reason the Wii has been a success is because Nintendo kept releasing good games. The 3rd party developers haven't been motivated enough on the Wii to release many quality games-- I think it will be even worse with Arc since the Arc user-base will be much, much smaller than Wii.

Other than that, expect to see lots of cross-ports between Wii and Arc. There might be a couple big-budget games for Arc such as a Star Wars light-saber game, but there can only be so many games advertised at a niche target.

Arc has a major uphill battle to be successful, especially gauging on the limited success of the Eye Toy.


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if arc is like just like the wii mote then it is tried and true and will work just fine. I don't think arc will suck at all however it will need some decent game support to justify a purchase. same goes for natal. the only difference though is that natal is brand new and untested.

and they will market arc eventually. I'm sure they're just waiting to show some killer apps before they advertise. any advertising without something decent to show for is just a waste of time.

the only thing with arc and even natal too is that they're coming out 4 years after the wii has established itself as the motion control console. and the wii has established itself as the family console/the i have 3 other friends to play with at my house console...ps3 and 360 are mainly single player/online consoles and I do not believe that the majority of the crowd that already owns these consoles is going to be amazed by arc and natal. nor do i think the casual crowd will bother to buy arc because they already own wii and natal has a completely new control scheme that can either be hit or miss.

also people bash the wii for its gimmicky games. and they say that people only play it for 2 months and then stop. so how are arc and natal going to be any different other than graphics?

Right now, I think the main problem for Sony is to define the Arc (or Move). Gamers know the technology is way ahead of the Wiimote, but the aimed casual target just won't see the difference with the wiimote unless Sony is able to show or explain it simply and clearly.

I read some people saying "eventually, Wii owner will asked for something more...". Why would they ? HD graphics were and still are all over the place but ppl keep buying the Wii, showing years after years that visuals are not what's matter to them. Maybe that will change, but by the end of the year ? When Nintendo has a stronger line up than 2009 ?

I don't think Sony can just come and say "hey, it's like the Wii but with HD". It's not going to work. they need something else, and I'm not sure they have it.

Last year, when they presented it for the first time, it was like a science project, an interesting toy but w/o any vision to back it up. Compare to project Natal which already had a strong name, a very clear vision going beyond gaming and something to set it apart from tha Wii (no controler at all), it was really weak.

Beyond technology, beyond support, It's going to be a marketing call and Sony really need to find some trick, staring with a proper name, and they need it for the E3.

I personally think that both Natal and Arc will fail...so yeah, I'm on this boat.

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naaah I think Sony is on to something big with this :D If they do this right things will be very different in an years time

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Can't come up with a legit opinion based on anything substantial without knowing what the first batch of games will be like, how well the tech actually works, how the public initially responds (sales wise), which will ultimately determine the strength of future support.

If the third parties aren't enthused about developing for it, it will more or less be up to SCE studios to provide soft support.

Well, casuals will most likely go for the Wii version of multiplatform games like Tiger Woods/Madden/Active Sports/whatever over PS3 versions. They don't care about graphics, or they'd have bought a 360 or PS3, not a Wii. Plus, the Wii version of such multiplatform games will be cheaper than HD versions. And finally, the installed base, casual-wise, is like 100:1 in favor of the Wii, compared to PS3.

Wii was built from the ground up to appeal to casuals. From its very inception it was meant to be universally understandable. It's simple, extremely user-friendly, and appealing. That's why its interface is made up of channels, and why its controller is shaped like a tv remote, with very few buttons, among other things. It's marketed to be, literally, for everyone.

Imo arc (or whatever it'll end up being named) is going at it in the wrong way. It's not like casuals will flock to the system simply because it has motion controls. It's a combination of appeal (and let's face it, the Wiimote is much more appealing, intuitive and easier to understand than the Arc. Just look at the latter, if you don't know what it is, you're like lol whut?), the right software, and ease of use. Imo arc does nothing to truly appeal to the casual user, besides offering motion controls. That's not the only thing needed. There's much, much more to the success of the Wii than that. Whether arc's controls are more precise or better implemented or not doesn't matter to the casual user.

As for 'core' games, we'll have to wait and see, but honestly, it's not the hardcore Sony are after with this. They don't need to be convinced, least of all with motion, that PS3 is a system for them.

Imo, Nintendo doesn't have anything to fear from arc, at all. It could even end up making the Wii more popular, because people (read: casuals) will compare the two, and decide for themselves which is more worthy of their cash and attention (and a lot will, imo, still pick Wii, because of the points I listed above).

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sega4life said:

Just my take on Arc...

Sony already had a motion controller 'SixAxis', and they did Nothing with it, ya a game or two, and then some games with a motion notion here and there but that was it.

When Sony first talked about the Sixaxis, they made it seem that many, many, games would have the feature and it would take the place of rumble. Now it's like they want people to forget about it.

You don't really see Sony trying to push the 'Arc' like other companies are pushing their versions, it seems more like they are taking a 'if it works it works, if not o well' approach.

I went to allot of Game stores in my area these past couple days, and majority of the discussion were about new games just released, Natal, DS:XL, Ipad, but nobody even mentioned Arc.

PS3 never really grabbed the 'family/casual' approach with the PS3, people touted about how majority of PS3 owners are adults, just look at the games recently released, nothing really says 'family console', and to me Arc seems to like a Wii approach to gaming, but with an Adult non-casual install base.


This is just my view on Arc

I've said this (underlined) many times, and other users on this forum laughed at me or I got reported for flaming, saying that none of the PS3's games appeal to the general audience and are mostly teen/adult games. Unlike what the PS2 had, Sony lost all of that support when they shot their own foot with the PS3 and lost the developers (mainly giving the shovelware) to the Wii.

And no, I don't think Wii owners will upgrade to the PS3 with the Move controller. Why? It doesn't have the same games that Nintendo has on the Wii that people want.

Still, the Move does seem like a good device, but it's a little too late to release it, and as you mentioned, this should have been at the beginning of the PS3's life.

Lafiel said:
SaviorX said:
Well, what I want to know is, how many units does it have to sell in order for YOU guys consider a success?

there is an easy answer to that: MORE!!


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