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the ARC is nothing more than a wiimote with improved accuracy. It will fail (coming from a ps3 owner)

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it will not fail, but won't be a much of a success it's comming a bit too late. same for natal.

unless sony managed to find a title that wil sell the control it won't be popular, natal it's similar position and even worse since microsoft have less studios to support it.

Funny I disagree The Arc will be very sucessful, I don't know what you have read or seen , but I have read tons of development support for the Arc, Sony has been able to actually keep this a secret which is new for them, PS3 may not be totally kid / family friendly, but I don't think the 360 is eathier, The Ps3 has LBP, which is a great family game, and there are others also I don't know about all of them because I don't buy many of those games, Lots of adults use Wii, and Lots of adults use PS3 , Now what we will have is the best of both worlds, Sony PS3 experience with Graphics, Dolby Digital, Large Scale games, with a Wii like controller, It does not get much better then that. The Arc will do well WATCH For the nasayers out there watch this years E3 it may change your mind. 

gamer tech guy bring up one thing that i have thought many times before... how will you learn to play with natal? all those gestures... to play most games there are two 8 (more than that but lets keep simple for now) way direction buttons (analog sticks), then 6 pressure sensitive buttons and 2 digital buttons and finely two also digital buttons to menus and pause... to play BBC2 you use all of them plus some buttons in the D-pad... that is way to many distinctive gestures even if you use two hands and the legs too and keep balance at the same time... i think arc will blend in more easily. but like mi sig says, i don't care much about this and i am really hoping that motion control keeps an optional way to play games. standard will put me off

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The thing about the Arc controller is that it isn't really new. That isn't to say it's bad in any way, but to most of us, we've already been playing with the same thing on the Wii for the past three years.

I'm sure there might be some cool stuff for it and it might catch on, but it just doesn't really have any sort of buzz because there isn't a lot of a reason to give it buzz yet.

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There were a lot of games that used the sixaxis controls when the system first came out. Then people complained they liked the Dualshock controller more. If you want to compare it with something that did terrible and was greatly ignored by Sony, you'd be better off comparing it with the Playstation Eye.

Sony aren't pushing the Arc at this moment because they have been saying since they announced games coming out for it that they were going to unveil more at GDC.

Nobody could have mentioned the arc because...well...first of all, "Arc" is still partially a prototype name and Sony haven't shown it off yet. Microsoft are taking every step possible to make sure that Natal is a success because they have a lot riding on the technology. Sony, while they are relying on the Arc, they technically don't have to hype the arc yet because they feel they don't have to since it's not coming out until the fall (most likely).

As for the family audience. I believe the game you're forgetting is LittleBigPlanet. It's sold over 3 million copies, which is more then any new IP on Nintendo that's not bundled (except for Carnival Games....sigh...). But there is still a lot of families interested in the PS3, they just need something to inspire them to purchase more games. If Sony marketed the EyePet in America the way they should (on Nickelodeon, Disney, etc). Then Eyepet could actually be a pretty big game.

Like someone said, it will come down to games. But i agree with you, it really do feel like "if it works it works, if not.. oh well".

i dont think there trying to sell it alot the now because, im sure there talking about it eventually taking over as the main controller.



The Sixaxis was an awful control scheme that only worked in a small few areas. There are some games that used it fantastically (Flower), some which messed it up (Lair) and hundreds which just couldn't be bothered because they knew it would end up like the latter.

Arc is a lot more versatile. It has more applications, and it's actually a full control system rather than a complement to the Dual Shock.

I also don't see the connection between children and motion control. Since you see this similarity between Arc and Wiimote, are you implying that the Wii is only for children? Was RE4 only for children? No More Heroes? MadWorld? These are all Wiimote games.

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The reason why Arc will have a tough time succeeding is because the casual customer will look at the Wii and PS3 and notice both motion control devices are pretty much the same. This 1:1, depth perception jargon will mean nothing to the casual crowd. The only thing that matters will be that the Wii will be $199 (or less). Arc+Camera+nunchunk will tag on at least an extra $100 so you can count on the PS3 motion control bundle being $399 minimum. I'm not saying Natal will be cheaper, in fact I think it will also run at about the $399 price, but I'm sure some arcade bundle will be slightly cheaper. The major difference is that Natal is a completely different approach on motion control and the casual customer will notice.