Why is Sony screwing themselves?

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Arguably one of Sony's biggest months of the year and their is not a single retailer in the US where you can find a PS3, online or offline. Why is Sony doing this? I know 2 new SKU's are coming, but this is really bad timing on Sony's part.

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because they are smart duh



leo-j said:
because they are smart duh

would you mind to expand on your statement

Because Sony is above winning the easy way. If they would give it all they got, they would obliterate the competition. You see, Sony is like a dad who lets his kids (Microsoft and Nintendo) win once in a while.

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same here in uk but not as bad, you can find one but your gonna have to look around. it looks as if sony genuinly are having real bad shortages. either that orn they are saving them all for god of war 3 launch

Sony is very narcissistic, they refuse to screw anyone but themselves.

Seriously though, preparing for a new SKU unveiled @ GDC, perhaps?

Well, apparently there are a few million in stock, so I am sure they will bring enough stock in this month

The demand is simply outpacing the expected demand, so supply

They had to restock hell (where they are selling like hotcakes) and that takes precedence over the rest of the world.

They're clearly taking a page out of Nintendo's evil scheme of creating manufactured hype and demand by purposely depriving their consumers of consoles, depriving themselves of extra profit.. duh.