SONY releasing "LBP2" this year

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"the first hint of a rumour" - what exactly is that meant to mean?


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If we see LBP2, I think it will be more focused on the Arc and probably 3D as well, and will probably end up being something different from LBP altogether, so the two can live while being different.

It uses arc they already said they'd release one that uses it

I hope the next LBP isn't a platformer, honestly.

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LBP2 with motion controls I'm expecting, with optional 3D. Actually make that option motion controls - or maybe not, depends how aggressive they're feeling.

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i gotta admit, at first i thought it was a gimmic but LBP prove to be fun at least on my psp,

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best thing for sony to do, is make permenent bundle of LBP, and release a sequel, id love to see 3d creation tools in LBP 2

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