Is it worth getting a PS3 just for these 2 games at the moment?

Forums - Sony Discussion - Is it worth getting a PS3 just for these 2 games at the moment?

there re so many other ps3 exclusives out there GREAT ones!
you are stupid .

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I wouldn't... but if there's more games that you're looking at then go ahead I guess.

Personally, I'd need atleast 8 reason to buy a console.

4 ≈ One

Thanks for all the advice.
The reason why I chose BF:BC2 was because I like FPS, and I like to play FPS online.
My most played games on Wii are online FPS. I just wasn't 100% sure on it which is why I am open for suggestions to get over BF:BC2.

And I might start getting allowance soon, not much though, like $20 a month.
So I guess I wont have to wait for Christmas to get another game.

As you're into online FPS ignore what I said before and get BBC2, assuming you're in the US. If you were in the UK I'd recommend Killzone 2 or COD4 as they're excellent online and really cheap (£15 - about $22). But going by amazon.com those cost almost as much as BBC2 in the US, in which case you might as well get BBC2.

The only other thing I would suggest is maybe spending less on games for your Wii. Once you've got an HD console (PS3 or X360) you'll find it hard to go back to SD. I'd certainly sooner get MGS4 AND Fallout 3 than Red Steel 2. But I've never owned a Wii so I might be biased! 

HideoK said:
I would say yes if you can afford it now. I don't think there will be another price drop this year, so there is no benefit in waiting other than maybe the price of BBC2 dropping $10-$20. If you like online multiplayer Battlefield Bad Company 2 can keep you busy for a long time. But the only downside of waiting for BBC2 is the online community will have died down a lot by the holidays with new FPS releases coming out so it might not be as easy to get into full matches. Something to think about there.

Haven't played Valkyrie Chronicles, but I read it takes around 20 hours to finish the game. Then you unlock New Game + and Hard mode for skirmishes so I bet you could easily put in 50+ hours if you do everything.

Although since you are unsure about Battlefield you may want to use that money to rent a number of other good games instead of owning one. Hope this helps

That's why IMO it would be best for him to get Modern Warfare 2 because there will always be plenty of people online.

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Yes, a lot of the good games are starting to drop in price.  Heck, you can probably pick up Valkyria Chronicles (a great game) for $20 right now.  

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If your interested in playing online, Battlefield will be a great choice. It has a lot of longevity and should provide you with hours of playtime. You might want to check out COD 4 as well. You could pick it up for half the price of Battlefield and it's just as enjoyable. That may allow you to pick up another game as well.

Nope, not worth it especially since one of the games you want is on 2 other platforms.

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The ps3 is worth it cuss it only does EVERYTHING