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Are you a fanyboy...

YES 34 29.31%
NO 17 14.66%
iam not a fanboy iam a fangirl 2 1.72%
Iam neutral 13 11.21%
Neutral, but in my heart iam a fanboy/girl 34 29.31%
I dont play games, i just... 16 13.79%
RareglovE said:
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heywoodjablome said:
I'm not a fanboy but I'm a firm believer that we would all be better off with only ONE HD CONSOLE on the market...put an end to crappy game ports, bs exclusive content, and imagine a one stop console for every ps3 and 360 game

You have no idea how that would make the market crumble even more, do you? Competition is a neccessity in any market.

it will like the PS1 and PS2 days no competion jus pure monopoly

You mean back when there was actually market segregation? There was competition, it was just in a massive majority for the PS2 (and which is probably a reason why there was so much shovelware on that system). Microsoft could be understood, considering it was a new product line, but the GC was just a letdown after what the N64 was. I still miss my N64.

Nowadays, we'd be staring at a 400 dollar console to buy. It's pretty much destined that we will eventually be paying 80 bucks for a standard game anyway.

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shovelware just like whats nintendo now is facing and its benefiting them

i've evolved, i try not to make statements, so i'm no fanboy, fanboy has loyalty to one brand, my loyalty belongs to money. thats my true loyalty haha,

I am an unabashed Bioware and Blizzard fanboy! Other than that I do have a couple preferences for game systems (namely the 360 and DS) but I enjoy the hell out of some good PS3 and Wii games as well.

I tend to play my playstation more,but I'm just really a fan of games in gerneral,not game systems.

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I am a Final Fantasy fanboy among other non-game related things.

I am neutral about all game systems, but I have to say after my childhood with ps1 I will always have little extra "love" for sony. Ah those nostalgic times... anyway, I favor games not systems. So can't wait for FF13 and Diablo 3 :D.

I am a fanboy kinda but the kind that wants good things to happen for his console and not the one that wants bad things to happen to other consoles..

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As much as I would like to say no, I am a Nintendo Fanboy. I enjoy playing games on PS3 and Xbox 360, just as friends houses. I understand that the HD consoles have awesome games, I prefer Wii and Ds

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I currently only own sony consoles (ps2/ps3/psp). I've also played games on every Nintendo game machine apart from the DS, although I've only ever owned a gameboy. Time wise I've probably invested more time into PC games than anything else. I don't own anything else because I haven't got enough time to play the games I own.

Personally I don't understand being a fan of a hardware developer - aren't people fans of the games themselves?

So, no, I don't think I'm a fanboy.  I'll play any good game.