Will GT5 outsell Forza 3?

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based on past sales of the franchise, by at least couple of times.

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Probably in the first month GT5 will outsell Forza 3

the answer to that question is yes, gt5 will outsell forza 3 ltd in the first month, a perfect example is , Will halo: Reach outsell killzone 2?, hell yes, killzone still a great game but i mean cmon...

when i first saw the topic i seriously lol'd.

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Absolutely, yes..

Yes, of course it will. It's Sony's huge racing exclusive. Why wouldn't it outsell Forza?

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GT5 will sell two times and maybe three times the Forza's sells.

Qui,moi ?

This is a no brainer. Yes, it will outsell it by a lot.

Its common sense lol!! you don't have to ask

Seriously? Forza 3 dares to even compete with Gran Turismo 5 in sales?

GT5 will outsell it in Europe alone.

This is like comparing Killzone to Halo. GT5 will at least triple Forza 3's numbers.