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I am currently in a debate with my friends roomate regarding exclusives ps3 vs 360 and racing games got into the mix (he is a 360 fan) and is saying that GT5 will not sell as much Forza 3, do you think that GT5 will outsell Forza 3? I think it will do half it's sales within a month. Thoughts?

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GT5 will sell more in its first month than all Forza games LTD Sales combined.

Asking if GT5 will outsell Forza 3 is like asking if Halo: Reach will outsell Resistance 3.
It's just a plain and simple yes. Even if GT5 sucked and played like dirt it would still outsell Forza 3 just because GT is Sony's number one title and Forza is not Microsoft's but Halo is.

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yeah even if it sucked it would still sell more, so yeah, ur freinds not going many places if he keeps up with those prediction =p

GTPSP seems to be outselling Forza 3.

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Do you mean in its first week OP?

lol ok thats a bit mean

I mean HELL YES!

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when GT5 launches Forza 3 will have 2.5 mil units sold already... but GT5 will sell more than half that in first week if its world launch...

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Forza 3 will pwn GT5, you can quote me on this!

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lol simply it's like Halo is to FPS is what GT is to racing....at least when it comes to sales :) so yeah hand down

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As of Feb. ~2 million


As of December ~1.8 million.

Forza can barely outsell a highly criticized game on a system that cant seem to push SW.