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FPS. oh good i hate this!!! i will never understand why it is so popular because there all the same too me




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Most racing and fighting games are boring to me.

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FPSs... I try to get used to them, but I really suck at controls, so I don't even play them. Not that some of the titles are good indeed: Metroid Prime, Modern Warfare and Halo are there.

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I'm not entirely sure I hate any genre. Obviously, I have my preferences, though even some of my least favoured genres have either featured some of my favourite games or have blended well with another genre of my liking.

I don't hate... but I don't like the racing (serious) games. FPS are not my favorites also

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There are plenty of genre's that I just don't like enough to ever bother with. I wouldn't say I hate them so much as I am indifferent to them.


But the one genre I do have strong emotions about are RTS. They are close enough to being something I like that I buy them from time to time, but because I am someone who wants a strategy game to be chess like in its pacing - I always get frustrated.

I don't hate rhythm games, but I've never really been interested in playing one that much. The closest I come to hating a genre is fighting games I guess. Part of it is that I find it boring, part of it is that I suck, but I think the last fighting game I even remotely enjoyed was the first MK when I was a kid. I do like the UFC game and Fight Night, which although they are 1 v 1 fighting, don't belong in the same genre IMO.

Racing games and, to a certain extent, JRPGs.

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Of the genres I like least, I would have to say FPS. I generally avoid them because I rarely enjoy them. Invariably, though, one will be released with great reviews, and I'll pick it up and play it and have no fun at all.

JRPGS. Never played one and don't feel the appeal to do so.

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