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I usually just sit and watch the weather if it's day time. If it's night I would get a flash light or something and read.

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dsister44 said:
indodude said:

Ah. Why isn't home school boring though?

Because I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Monday morning 10 AM. Friends call(Homeschooled) "Josh want to play some Halo?", "Josh, want to go to Busch Gardens?" as long as I get my schoolwork done by the end of the week I am fine. Heck I did three days worth in about 3 hours today.

I am also taking a class at the local community college.  1  hour class 2 days a week. I dread those hours sitting down immobile doing nothing...

ahh the life. I miss those days. I used to throw a huge party every thursday night until 1 AM, then when we stopped doing that, we used to play street hockey at night from around 9-10PM to midnight. We would go skiing every tuesday while all the kids were in school so we had free range of the mountain with no waiting lines. I couldn't tell you how many times I did my entire weeks worth of school in a single day and then goofed off the rest of the week. We'd also start school that public school did, but we'd be done school over 1 month before them.

Anyone who thinks homeschooling is boring either doesn't know any homeschoolers or knows some homeschoolers who really screw it up. For example, I knew people who never let their kids do anything and then they would force every test to be an A. If the child got less than an A then they would retake the test. Totally not cool, and while the child will learn the material, they don't get prepared for college. It also hurts the image for other homeschoolers.

I was homeschooled 1-12 myself, and very few people I know who were in both public/private and then homeschool preferred being in a regular school. I would say the count is about 30-1 in favor of homeschooling.

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Play a handheld....
listen to music in an ipod......

While you still have power: use your printer to print as much porn as you can...


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^Theres only so much masturbating that can be done guys, I can't do it forever lol

Gilgamesh said:

^Theres only so much masturbating that can be done guys, I can't do it forever lol

You don't need to, eventually you'll just fall asleep