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Not a 10/10 score. I expect them to get bashed.


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No 360 review?

If that happens I think my prediction will come true. 360 version will somehow manage to outscore the PS3 version on Metacritic.

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Seems to be a respectable opinion.

Not a crazy FF fan that will give it a 10/10 solely because of the FF name

Not a crazy anti-JRPG gamer who hates its linearity either

He told us what we all now know is true; it's a game that has beautiful graphics and presentations, and a great battle system, but the game forces you through a tunnel for the first thirty hours, has no towns, virtually no NPC's and no side quests till the latter half of the game.

Yeah it's a departure from the traditional RPG...but did this departure work? I don't know...all I can say is that I'm waiting for the price to go down before I buy it.

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I usually trust IGN UK more than IGN USA

The final score makes no sense.

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ouch, ouch, ouch, that hurts badly

honestly this game seems like one of the best rpgs this gen

Points removed for... Grinding?


I think the review was slightly inconsistent. and the final score just doesn't match up. I can respect the score, the review just doesn't support it though.


Oh well it's just the UK...

I think the only review that matters is your own. I never really agreed with IGN reviews. Some games that are truely awful they big up and games that are good get some poor reviews.
What annoys me about reviews is there seems to be no actual set guidline by which to review them with, some games will get certain things ripped apart while in other games that same thing will be ignored.

Gamespot and Eurogamer are the 2 places i generally agree with.
As with all games there will be things you like and things you don't. With Final Fantasy i am surprised reviewers have decided to be quite picky with it. Like i get the impression they wanted the game to stay a true JRPG, the fact they tried to be a bit western in it didn't go down so well. Which is silly. Whatever the reviewers say i would not care, if they gace it 1% it would still be a day one purchase for me as it has been a longtime since i played a FF game.