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Looks pretty good!


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So awesome. If this releases before i move in with my friend with an Xbox i may need to get the Arcade and this.

looks good

seriously though... it's so hard to find a shooter based tactics game. They are almost all in the fantasy setting which is great, but gets old, the rest end up being in giant robots.

Hopefully they fix the camera issues before it comes stateside....

Definately a game I will pick up if it's cheap enough.

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This must be how Japanese history enthusiasts feel when they see the Dwarf Samurai entry in the Dungeons and Dragons books. o_O

...it looks bad.



It reminded me a great game I have for the PS2 called Ring of Red, it was awesome and one of the better RTS for the console.

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leo-j said:
...it looks bad.

it may not look great but it aint bad

Is it supposed to look like "OMG Phenominal Next Genz!" ?.........Not really

But is it supposed to look cheezy, fun, difficult and made of awesome? Yes. This is like the SRPG/Strategy equivilent of Earth Defence force.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.