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NA: MARCH 16, 2010

EU: MARCH 24,2010



"When you turn you back on God,

This Story tell's the Beginning"

- Prologue -

Resonance of Fate is set in the distant future, where the Earth has undergone an environmental disaster. The environment has been contaminated by poisonous gases where humankind's inability to adapt has almost resulted in its extinction. The survivors of this disaster built an underground purifying device at Basel, cleansing the air and the surrounding area.

 Civilization began to reform around Basel itself, building a city around the tower. The upper classes live in luxury at the top of Basel while the lower classes inhabit the slums around the base and stem of the tower. All is well at Basel for years after until one day, when the purifier begins to malfunction.

"Those Caught in the web of Fate"

- Characters -



A 17 year old young man and the main protagonist of the game. An orphan born and raised in childcare facilities, Zephyr possesses a tough outlook on life, claiming "the fact that he lives is proof there is no God". In his late teens, he is scouted by Vashyron to work for his Private Military Firm (PMC), beginning his life as a mercenary soldier.












A 26 year old man who previously served in the military, Vashyron opened his own PMC to earn his living. During an assignment to suppress teenage rioters, he encounters Zephyr, and invites him to join his company. Vashyron was once a subordinate under the cardinal during his military days, and was the only survivor of his squad in a big scale skirmish


A 26 year old woman who is both beautiful and possesses highly agile movement ability. She fatefully meets Zephyr at a time where she almost lost her life in the past. She is now a member of Vashyron's PMC. She, like Vashyron and Zephyr are the only playable characters in the game.




A 19 year old girl who was raised in a research facility, No. 20 is the result of a series of test experiments. Her body has been biologically controlled to expire on her 20th birthday. Knowing that she has only a year to live, the girl escapes from the facility, intending to defy her Fate.
















- Cardinal -

An organization which guides the Riedel religion and responsible for the class system set in Basel. Originally, the governing body of Riedel is led by Pope Frida, but she died at the young age of twenty. Her death has affected many people, as she previously instilled a lot of hope for them. Without a suitable successor for the Pope, the Cardinal takes over governing duties and begins to have an imposing influence over the lives of the people in Basel. All Cardinal members and their leader reside on the highest floors of Basel, known as Chandelier.



This 43 year old man has taken leadership reins of the Cardinal organization after the Pope died. Roen holds great worry and conflict over the future of Basel and prays for the prosperity and happiness of its people, and his attitude towards God changes in the progress of the storyline.






After Pope Frida dies, this 43 year old mysterious man appears to Roen and claims to help him bring his ideals to fruition. With Roen's permission, Sullivan begins a project at a research facility called Etasil that is linked to the future of Basel. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese.






A 45 year old researcher working in the Etasil facility in Basel. Although appearing to have a cold demeanor, but to Subject #20, he is a trustworthy man.








A 45 year old Cardinal member who researches on beauty, and is responsible for fashion and the arts in Basel.



At the age of 70, Antorion is the oldest living member of Cardinal. He thirsts for knowledge, and is known to others as the "Enquirer of Knowledge". He investigates the bizarre phenomena occurring around Basel, and is seemingly unaware of the secret project Roen is involved in






A 25 year old woman who is the right-hand man of Roen. She provides support for her leader and is entirely trusted by him.


A 65 year old aristocratic lady who works for the Cardinal.Age 24 years old.







A beautiful and voluptuous woman who enjoys the high life of the elite.


A 21 year old man who works for the Cardinal. His narcissism sometimes get in the way when performing his duties.





tri-Attack-Battle system

( t-A-B)

The game utilizes what is known as the tri-Attack-Battle system or officially t-A-B for short. The battle system is a semi-realtime battle system which means that it is a mixture of a real-time and turn-based battle system. The game consists of battle elements such as command battles and action battles. Players start the battle by selecting one of the player's characters to control, following which the player takes direct control over the character. The player can then move the character around and attack a target of choice, the character's move ends when the player's attack is over. Enemies are also able to move while the player's character is moving and would usually attack only the character being controlled by the player.


Each character's turn is time-limited, during which player's can keep moving and switching weapons until the time runs out. However during each turn, players are only allowed to make a single attack, after which even if time remains the character's turn ends. Attacking an enemy utilizes a charging system where the player first selects a target and then presses the attack button. Afterwards the character would begin to charge up in preparation for the attack, the attack is only carried out when the charge meter on the screen is filled up. Player's can also choose to charge up the attack multiple times though more time-consuming it results in a more powerful attack. The time needed to charge up is also dependent on the proximity of the enemy, the closer the enemy the shorter the time needed to charge up though it renders the player more vulnerable to attack. Enemy charge meter can also be observed floating above the enemies head.


Players are able to move about the battle field freely, though they have the choice to create predefined paths for their character to follow. While moving along the predefined path, characters gain access to Invincible attacks, which cause the player to be invincible as the attack is being carried out. However the use of these invincible attacks requires the use of an item known as the Invincible State gauge, the item is an essential element in battle and is earned through a variety of methods such as dealing a certain amount of damage to enemies. Characters can also defend themselves through various methods such as jumping which can be used to avoid enemy attacks or obstacles. Even while jumping in the air, characters are able to unleash a special attack which may result in certain stylish actions. Weapons in the game can also be easily customized by using items earned by defeating enemies, these items can be further developed into an enhancement item such as a scope or additional ammunition for the weapon.



Players can restart any enemy encounters if they are defeated during battle, hence battles have been made more difficult so as to make battles more challenging. Players are also able to suspend and save the game anytime during the game. It is also possible to save the game during battles so as to allow players to enjoy the game at any time without time limitations.

Leveling up!



All the weapons, be they Handgun, Machinegun or Grenades have Proficiency Level attached to them. Inflicting damages on your enemies with a particular weapon will increase its level and this has direct effects on the character’s level, which is the tally of all three weapon levels. For example, if the level of Handgun, Machinegun or Grenades of your character is the same at Level 1, his/her level will be Level 3. Leveling up will be harder with higher Proficiency Level so Famitsu recommend using all three weapons frequently.


Here’s the flow of leveling up . By inflicting actual damage on your enemy, your weapon will earn experience point . The weapon’s Proficiency Level and hence your character’s level will increased when enough experience points are gathered. A notify screen will pops up when this happens  and the battle will continue once it fades out .

 So what’s the point of leveling up? Besides increasing your characters’ HP amount, they will be able to carry heavier items or accessories (as armors), which is important because some of the most useful items in the game are quite heavy.

Leveling up will also increases the amount of times you can Charge you weapon (more charges means bigger damages). Also, each weapon type has its own skills, which can be activated when charging and attach effects like “Damage UPx2: Activation Rate 33″ during attack. Skills will be different with each character. In the screens above, the skills available to Zephyr are listed on the right  in slightly dimmed font and the one that got activated become solid.


The Overworld Map

 You can earn special items called Hexers after winning a battle and its uses are now clearer. By placing Hexers of the same color on grids with colors, the section becomes available to explore. Hexers can also be used to exchange for things like Energy Station, which lets you save and recover health. Another uses for Hexers is placing them next to Terminal to generate some kind of special effects.

Private Miliatry Firms

Zephyr and co. are all PMF, taking missions directly or from the Guild to earn cash, items and PMF Points. These missions, which can be Story or Side Missions, include stuff like killing monsters or items delivery. The article share three sample missions.



In Resonance of Fate Players will be able to customize their 3 characters anyway they want to down to seperate eye colors. Items are bought or rewared.

Heres a Small Taste!




you will also be able to customize your weapons add more ammo per turn, differnt types of bullets and more!





















New Resonance of Fate website live! (+ Free Music Download)

What’s cooler than a brand new website to celebrate Resonance of Fate’s upcoming ship this month? A brand new website with two downloadable songs, completely free for your listening pleasure.

The website includes a ton of info about the game’s story, characters, combat, and – of course – some multimedia, which we’re pretty stoked to include. It’s rare that we get to send out free songs for our games, but we’d love to hear what you guys think of it, and whether you’d like us to continue doing this for future games we create.

You can check out the website here, or by clicking the picture above.



RPGFan - 88/100

"End of Eternity needed a couple of things to go from that really good eight-ish category into the holy-crap-this-is-awesome nine-ish sector...EoE is more than worthy of your time. First and foremost, it is original; I guarantee you have not played a game quite like this one."

RPGLand - 8/10

"Overall, End of Eternity has a few very appealing elements, in its immensely strategic battle system, satisfying gameplay, interesting main characters, and stunning soundtrack. These strong points allow its less polished aspects, like an uninteresting plot and slightly repetitive graphics, to fade into the background. Ultimately, its battle system will likely be the make-it-or-break it factor for players."

Gamekult - 7/10

"End Of Eternity is one of the most original title of this generation. Unfortunately, the great ludic qualities of the title are obscured by an exhausting difficulty. If you are patient or a fine strategist, the game will be delicious, of course sometimes crafty, but well polished. Add to that some nice things such as ironic characters, the possibility to customize our appearance or the many optional missions, and you obtain a rich but crabby game, and which will be revealed only to the most persistent."

Eurogamer Review: 8/10

"At times you'll have no doubts that this is the best JRPG of the generation, a fast-paced, interesting and creative detour from a stagnant mainstream. At other moments, usually when facing the tenth Game Over screen during a difficult boss battle, you'll wonder whether the game suffers from poor balance, born from its developer's stubborn insistence on novelty for the sake of it.

Either way, by the end of the adventure you'll be certain that Resonance of Fate's approach is a one-time affair, unlikely to inspire any copycats. Its ideas are simply too leftfield, and too fully realised to be closely imitated.

Nevertheless, this is a hugely interesting game, as fascinating as it is frequently frustrating, as engaging as it is eccentric and, for those who are hooked by its quirky charms, it will provide one of the most inspired approaches to the JRPG seen in a decade."




  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Basels' Repairman (Bronze) A trophy for making over half of Basel's hexes accessible again.
    Big Shot (Bronze) A trophy for dealing over 2,000 damage in a single attack.
    Bonus Hitter (Bronze) A trophy for landing your first Bonus Hit on an airborne foe.
    Bullet Barrage (Bronze) A trophy for landing a combo of over 500 hits.
    Clear a Second Playthrough (Gold) Cleared a second playthrough! Congratulations! and... Thank you!!
    Clear Chapter 1 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 1.
    Clear Chapter 10 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 10.
    Clear Chapter 11 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 11.
    Clear Chapter 12 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 12.
    Clear Chapter 13 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 13.
    Clear Chapter 14 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 14.
    Clear Chapter 15 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 15.
    Clear Chapter 2 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 2.
    Clear Chapter 3 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 3.
    Clear Chapter 4 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 4.
    Clear Chapter 5 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 5.
    Clear Chapter 6 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 6.
    Clear Chapter 7 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 7.
    Clear Chapter 8 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 8.
    Clear Chapter 9 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 9.
    Clear Prologue (Bronze) Cleared the prologue.
    Clear the Game (Bronze) Cleared the game! Congratulations!
    Customaestro (Bronze) A trophy for connecting over 10 custom parts to a firearm.
    Extreme Spiker (Bronze) A trophy for performing over 100 Smackdown attacks.
    First Contact (Bronze) A trophy for defeating your first enemy.
    Four-Terminal Chain (Bronze) A trophy for connecting four distinct terminals.
    Hero Actor (Bronze) A trophy for attacking over 1,000 times during Hero Actions.
    Hundred Plus Club (Bronze) A trophy for raising a character's level to 100.
    Maiden Mission (Bronze) A trophy for clearing your first mission.
    Material Collector (Bronze) A trophy for destroying over 3,000 enemy body parts.
    Material Creator (Bronze) A trophy for having fused and scapped items over 200 times.
    Platinum Trophy (Platinum) You've unlocked every trophy in the game. You've mastered 'Resonance of Fate'!
    Professional Hunter (Bronze) A trophy for defeating over 3,000 enemies.
    Resonance Miser (Bronze) A trophy for storing over Resonance Points.
    Shopaholic (Bronze) A trophy for spending over 500,000 rubies on clothing and accessories.
    Spite Monger (Bronze) A trophy for landing over 100 Bonus Hits.
    The Iron Fist (Bronze) A trophy for defeating over 30 enemies with no weapon equipped.
    Thousand Pitcher (Bronze) A trophy for throwing over 1,000 attack items.
    Tri-Attacker (Bronze) A trophy for using your first Tri-Attack.

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