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mrstickball said: Everyone defends the Wii sales in my thread(s) about how the Wii production will ramp up, sell insane, how the Wii is not selling like the N64 in the US (which it is, as the N64 sold out for the first 6-8 months). I would think by now, with every generation we've seen, one thing is sure: You can't place your bets on any system and how well it does translating into how well it'll do the rest of it's life. The N64 outsold the PS1 LTD for the first 2 years, then to only be beaten by 2:1 and 3:1 the next 3 years.
I think you need to consider a few things: The N64 could actually be said to be pretty successful in North America, it sold 20 Million units in North America and was actually pretty close in sales to the Playstation until the PS2 was released (as of September 2000 it was 28 Million Playstations to 18 Million N64s). The N64's biggest failing was the Japaneese market being that they went from their high with the NES of 19 Million systems sales, to 17 Million for the SNES, and dropped to 5.5 Million for the N64; it could be argued that had it sold better in Japan it would have had a lot more key Japaneese third party support and sold better everywhere in the world. The Wii is selling really well in Japan ... Now, the Playstation, Saturn and N64 generation is not (quite) like this generation because this is how their worldwide totals looked at certain moments in time: March 1996: Playstation: 4.26M Saturn: 3.40M N64: 0 March 1997: Playstation: 13.50M Saturn:7.56M N64: 6.12M March 1998: Playstation: 32.82M Saturn:8.50M N64: 16.14M March 1999: Playstation: 54.42M Saturn:8.82M N64: 23.08M If the Playstation, Saturn and N64 generation taught us anything it is that leads tend to get expanded upon as a generation progresses...

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Ssh... don't tell anyone. You'll spoil the fun of believing that Sony is dead for those who think the console wars last a couple weeks. Max. The difference between a Sony launch and a Nintendo launch is Nintendo generally pumps the big system sellers like Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., whatever they can finish in time up front, whereas Sony holds back until the second holiday (Tomb Raider, Crash, GTA3, MGS2, FFX, GTA4, MGS4). We've seen this trend with both companies dating back as long as they've been in the industry. FFVII is generally credited with the PS's success, and there's no doubt Sony did an excellent job taking it from a niche title to a blockbuster in this country. However, REDC, Crash 2, Tomb Raider 2, even Frogger were also among the successful games released in the holiday 97 time frame.

Kwaad said: Is it just me, or has anyone noticed... It's generally a sony trend. http://www.vgcharts.org/aconscomps.php?name1=PS&name2=PS2&type=0&align=0 For the first holiday season 'after launch' for the Sony consoles to not be at their prime. It is the 2nd holiday season after launch that they peak in sales. (for both home consoles at least) And in all honesty looking at PS1 and PS2 sales, they are very similar. The PS3 sales are quite similary to PS1 monthly. Makes me wonder how things will turn out.
The only thing you haven't noticed though, is that with the PS2 - besides Jan and Feb of their launch year (when there were BIG shortages) - never once did the PS2 dip below 300k per month. While the PS3, which appears to be in ample supply in the US, couldn't even manage 150k last month??? And, let's not forget that the PS2 also sold some 3.5 million consoles in Japan during it's first 9 months on the market!!! At the rate they are going, they'll be lucky to sell HALF of that total in their first 12+ months. ...no, I see nothing similar about how the PS3 is selling when compared to the PS2. Spin it anyway you want, things are not looking good for Sony. And with every former exclusive that turns multiplat, it becomes one less reason to even consider a PS3 at all.

Kwaad, the thing you should have noticed is that PS never lost its market leadership to the N64 in the US and it N64 didn't even get close in Japan, so all developers went to the PS. For PS2 it was even worse, they had a 10M lead in the US and Japan combined, and after the launch of the Gamecube/XBox and the holiday season the lead only increased, once again establishing Sony's console as the one to develop for by third parties. Of course PS3 is not dead yet, but just comparing the start of PS, PS2 and PS3 without taking the competition into account makes no sense at all.