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Ok, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've never played a Tales game before, and when I saw Tales of Vesperia for the first time, I wasn't too sure about the art style. Then it was recommended that I give it a chance. Unfortunately, it was out of stock everywhere at the time, so I sat and wait until a new order came to Amazon, and I picked it up for $30. I started playing it this weekend, and I love it! I really dig the art style, and though some moments are over the top (particularly with Karol), the characters aren't annoying like in Star Ocean. Combined with a large world, lots of side quests, a synopsis book (every JRPG should implement this), an awesome battle system, and lots of customizable battle options, Tales of Vesperia is probably my favorite JRPG this gen, and I can say that with only having played six hours or so of it. The story's pretty typical, but I do wonder how it's going to play out. Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts and hear some other opinions on it, since we never get many threads about it. I only hope FF XIII is this good!

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Vesperia is absolutely awesome. Glad to hear someone else is enjoying it.

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still havent played these either, kinda curious

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I still need to play mine too. Got it from amazon during black friday and it's still sealed for me. :)

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Best J-RPG this generation.

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I played for an hour or so, never grabbed me, neither did Star Ocean 4...

I think I will revisit them both in a couple months though, as there is nothing coming out between Alan Wake and Halo:Reach, GT5 or Fable 3 that I want.

(Unless FFXIV or FFXIII Versus come out :) )

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It certainly is. Definitely one of the top games of this generation.

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I really want to be play this game but I'm waiting for the ps3 version because it has the extra charater and such. If they ever port it that is ;_;