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But did not the 133k sold in February include Canada/Mexico like the 190k now? Or is the March month a week longer then February?

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I think many of the game spot people (I shall not say kids) get figures from HERE and just think it's 'right' despite the fact that the claimed 'estimates' are very far out! And the fact that everytime you visit the site it appears to add a random amount of unit sold count on. *EDIT*Oh yeah, it favours Microsoft 360 'sales'.

PS360N64PSXBOX said: gamespot is crap, hostile people and touchy mods. You can't say anything there...If I posted this there I would be warned.....
Watch your language! I outta ban you. Anyway, until someone provides solid evidence on what the 360 numbers actually are, I'm sticking with this site's numbers. It makes sense and is based off actual announcements, not algorithms and the like.

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Basically it all stems from the fact that MS announced 10.4M "sold" (ie: shipped to retailers) at the end of '06 and all the MS fanboys assumed it was gospel and must be sold through to customers. Despite the fact that there's ample evidence that MS simply over-shipped and flooded the retail outlets for the holidays so they could meet their financial goals. The fact that they only plan to have shipped 12M through June now is basically proof of this. Notice how there aren't really many MS fanboys on this site, it's mostly Nintendo and a few Sony--they basically refuse to believe that MS hasn't actually sold 10M yet despite all the sales figures available.

Those who say the PS3 numbers are biased. I watch those numbers like a hawk, as it's my console of choice. The PS3 numbers are normally bumped up about 5-10%. However last month they were pushed down about 50,000. Mainly becuase no-one expected that low of sales.

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