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makingmusic476 said:

This is not an issue pertaining to PSN. According to 1UP and a few other sites, it's an issue that's also affecting systems that have NEVER been hooked up to the internet. It seems to be a firmware bug that involves resetting the date on your system. It's also only affecting fat ps3s (but not all fat ps3s!).

And it sounds like it won't be easy to fix.

You can find out a lot more in the gaf thread about this:


I am now incredibly scared to turn on my ps3.

so this can't be fixed by a update.

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Netyaroze said:
steven787 said:
Netyaroze said:
Its Sonys fault who knows maybe they end up giving a free PSN game to everyone who lost trophies or whatever.

What good would that be to people who are not able to log on to PSN?



You actually think this will go on forever ? Ofcourse they would have to fix the problems first and after they fixed it maybe they give the customers a free PSN Game like MS gives free Xbox Live for a month or a year.

I can't sign on to PSN, because I live on campus.  Edit: The glitch/bug is affecting PS3's that don't go online, in addition to ones that do.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.


Read that post. It might give us some insight into why this is happening.

when i finally beat uncharted 2 on the highest difficulty and almost a platinum trophies, the network shut down. bad luck

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man, I hope this isn't a long-term problem, with God of War 3 and FFXIII coming out in a couple of weeks, I'll be pissed if I can't play them

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