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What's with you people any not being able to portray things phonetically?

The way she pronounces it is "zeh-biss".


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Amazing....but if I watch too much more, I'll get too hyped and not be able to wait....

My hype-o-meter is already at a boil.

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tits and ass and M rated violence and Nintendo?

I guess it really is possible.

----- It looks phenomenal, and it reminds me that people are clearly ignorant when they bitch about Nintendo not making "mature" games.

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Mr Khan said:

Holy shit, Samus does have a mole.


And that's how you pronounce Zebes. I've always been pronouncing it "Zeeebs", not "Zeh-base"


Voice acting could be slightly more emotive, but i suppose that's the compromise that's made to keep her Samus.


If only that guy could have kept it rolling, snapped us some off-screen gameplay footage. And learned to lower the damn camera about 45 degrees.

Yeah, my initial reaction was bad, but I think the detached sound might actually grow on me. It makes sense for Samus to be emotionally awkward.

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I like it, it really does look great. It will look even better when it is on my t.v. and not someones phone.

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Not ruining it. I want to be wowed when I seei t on my TV!

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Nice CGI. The voice sounds a little better, but still kind of awkward.

--OkeyDokey-- said:
No one cares about Metroid? ;_;

I cares, but refuse to watch the opening scene.  I don't want to get story-like details, just gameplay video.

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What surprises me in this thread is how people apparently pronounced Zebes. >_>

I am currently sigless.

By the way, Nintendo specifically asked people not film this thing, let alone distribute it over the internet. Action like this might lead Nintendo to become more secretive in the future.